PLC journey

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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PLC journey by Mind Map: PLC journey

1. Phases to achieve

1.1. Identify what to use

1.1.1. PLC the actual model, cables, input and output?

1.1.2. Measure equipment what must I use that is cost effective

1.1.3. What software

1.1.4. What to watch out for say software is good/ bad support is good/ bad TCO

1.2. What does preferred solutions cost

1.2.1. Hardware price

1.2.2. Labour

1.3. Implement a basic solution

1.3.1. measure temperature in rooms

1.3.2. measure water pressure

1.3.3. log this

1.3.4. graph it

2. My objectives

2.1. Able to implement basic PLC sollution

2.2. Measure the following

2.2.1. Temperatures

2.2.2. Pressure

2.2.3. Humidity

2.2.4. Current

2.2.5. Flow in pipe

2.3. Turn switches on and off

2.4. Communication

2.4.1. Network the device on TCP/IP network

2.4.2. GSM modem access

2.5. Provide some GUI

2.6. Equipment must be cost effective (Africa)

3. My progress

3.1. what PLC

3.1.1. Where to buy

3.1.2. Based on forums etc Siemens I think it is too expensive if used in Africa? Omron Mitsubushi Allen Bradley I think I should use this What should be first PLC? LS Industrial Systems no POP in UK are they any good? ezautomation Cheap PLCS it seems DL Confirm his selection below

3.1.3. All the PLCs

3.1.4. Emulators seem you should ensure PLC have emulators I see this

3.2. Probes

3.2.1. Where to buy these at good prices


3.2.3. AMM say I should use not freely in UK


3.2.5. Expensive

3.2.6. HomeAutomation make yellow stuff reasonable to buy in UK see below

3.3. Learn here


3.3.2. very good a-z on how what and where

3.4. Forums to use

3.4.1. seems very good



3.4.4. good tutor

3.4.5. tell you where to buy

3.4.6. [Allan, Guru] seems good person to ask 2010.11.10 pls email Recommends

3.5. Advice

3.5.1. Arno

3.5.2. Rean

3.6. Online stores I found so far

3.6.1. seems best so far

3.6.2. good old eBay

3.6.3. credit (

3.6.4. credit

3.6.5. seems good UK shop, pricey maybe?

3.6.6. no online buying

3.6.7. looks like good company stuff high in price

3.6.8. sell TCP/ USB monitors