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NightOwl by Mind Map: NightOwl
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User Access


Human resources for any company who works on the nightlife - hotels - entertainment (casino, waitress, waiter, hostes, etc). That's the service we will provide and we will do it at our best.


post any job opportunity




They don't need to register, but at leats they will need to provide a valid e-mail address, this way we can track what they do and provide more tools, if they skip on that step then any list or whatever they do will be only available while the cookies or the session are still alive. If they do provide a valid e-mail address then we can invite them to register and complete their profile. That way they can be invited by companies to check on the openings they're posting. Also this will help companies to track people who match a defined criteria.

Spam Policy

For simplicity and anti-spam practices, you will not receive any message from the users. When anobody apply for your opportunity then you will receive a message from US regarding that


We can also use a public API, that one will not need an API key or API secret






For any in-site call to an API method maybe we can use a bridge that will be just a "mask" for our API functions, this is just to avoid code duplication.

Business Model


We also should give a free trial for those companies who just want to try

Available Plans

we still need to define the size of the bulks and also give them a better name =) Also define the CPU (cost per unit or cost per post) on every bulk, it depends on how many credits or posting units are contained on each bulk

7 Day Trial