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Blog Post "Mind Mapping in Education" by Mind Map: Blog Post
"Mind Mapping in
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Blog Post "Mind Mapping in Education"

This is a sample map that shows how a blog post can be brainstormed and outlined inside a mind map. Step 1: Brainstorming: Note down everything you want to say in your article without censoring your ideas Step 2: Structure: Bring order into the chaos; delete bad ideas; create an outline Step 3: Expand: Add more notes and details to your ideas; Step 4: Export: Export the mind map as a Word document and complete the writing process there. You can also export directly to Google Drive.

Areas of Education

Primary education

Secondary education

Higher education


The challenges...

that teachers are faced with, Presenting complex information, Engaging students, Communicating and collaborating with students, Sharing data and files with students, Planning lessons and big projects

that students are faced with, Comprehending and memorizing information, Collaborating with colleagues, Being creative, Research and writing, Structuring information and files



Lesson plans

Lesson reviews

Presentations and expanations

Quizzes and questionaires

Class projects



Reading comprehension

Book reports and other presentations

Collecting formulas

Writing scientific papers

Group projects, Collaborative brainstormings, Problem solving

Brainstorming prior to an essay


"The effectiveness of using mind mapping skills in enhancing secondary one and secondary four students' writing in a CMI school" by Chan Wai-Ling

"Teaching spelling skills with a mind mapping software" by Reima Al-Jarf

"Effectiveness of mind mapping in educational psychology" by Dr. Mrs. Indumati Bharambe

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