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Brainstorming Ideas for My Story by Mind Map: Brainstorming Ideas
for My Story
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Brainstorming Ideas for My Story

What brings them together?

An accident

Girl runs away from home

Girl is kidnapped

Old man gives the siblings a gift


A dog?

Boy finds something that belongs to the old man

That starts the adventure


Write a short story

Minimum 500 words

Must include

An adventure

An unexpected turn of events

At least 3 characters

A lesson to be learned

Character 1

Teenage boy

Big brother

Always looks out for sister

Very protective

Struggles to finish school while working part time in a restaurant

They need more money

Very responsible

Character 2

The little girl




But scared of water, Doesn't know why, Has something to do with her past

Lost her parents when she was just a baby

Was raised by big brother

Character 3

Old man

Very wise

Has a dark secret

Should the readers know the secret from the start?

Always smokes a pipe

Has a nervous habit

The Adventure

Are they looking for something?

Hidden treasure, A sunken ship?

An answer

Find the truth about something, The old man's past, The siblings' parents

Are they running from something?

Is the old man's past catching up to him?

There must be water





Heavy rain


The Lesson

Friendship is more important than money

Don't trust strangers

If you work hard you will succeed

Good things happen to good people

Never give up

There's a reason for everything

Unexpected Turn of Events

They thought they could trust him, but they were wrong

Someone is not who he pretends to be

The siblings find out about the man's secret

He's their grandfather

He's their parents' killer

He used to know their parents

The siblings aren't actually related

What they were looking for turns out to be the opposite of what they thought it was

The siblings distrust the old man (and the reader thinks he's evil) but then he saves the little girl from drowning