mythical creatures and uses

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mythical creatures and uses by Mind Map: mythical creatures and uses

1. From show cannon we know that Phonixes are capable of having young therefore they can die in the traditional sense, possibly be simliar to LoTR elves of dying from disease and murder but not old age or if they do die then its an acending type thing with the boats, wasnt quite clear on it by the end of the movie really.

2. Idea of basing their culture off of the Isle of Minos where the first Minotaur is rumored to have been born as I recall that the whole thing with the legend was based off that island of Circe or Macedonia or something in Greek land that was an island kingdom

3. That should totally be a thing heck that might be where we get seaponies from! Since greek culture and what not, and member that lake epona thing? That might be something to consider later!

4. Fuck the fae, seriously they suck balls and shouldn't play with them unless you happen to be more cunning then a snake and silver tounge then a Venetian Mechant.

4.1. Rain pls

4.1.1. What its true most time yimes you play with the fae you get really fucked over lotta the time!

5. Egyption roots could have something to do with it at a later date or maybe found in the deissatced flatlands possibly?

5.1. I think adding humanoids will be a mistake, let's try to keep it bestial.

6. Flowers creatures based off different big cats.

7. Body of a large bear, head of an owl. Crazy red eyes, killing machine.

8. The sentient dog beast Daring Do fights

9. Mortal enemies of the minotaurs?

10. That that Aztec snake bird thing right?

10.1. Right, really colorful. Should there be one or would there be several small ones with a purpose?

10.1.1. There could be a queen of sorts with several smaller ones.

11. Half horse / half rooster hybrid with yellow feathers. Hind legs are talons, and has a rooster tail

11.1. jesus wtf

12. Different Breeds perhaps? With a back story or quest that goes into why that one was particulary mean?

12.1. Different "breeds" maybe; there are many that vary in color and type for sure. All of them possibly nasty, driven mad by the magical experiments that created their kind?

12.1.1. I was thinking something along the lines of being exposed to something that drove some to madness and murderhobo style while others retreated to stay sane possibly by having Luna assist them with Moonstones to protect their villages from the taint that makes their kin mad?

13. Dragons

13.1. Given a fatal flaw that they all fall prey to with the idea of it based off the 7 deadly sins; show examples being Spike with Greed the green dragon with Wrath, Red Dragon being Sloth and Gabel the anthro looking thing might have been Pride or just being a teenager hard to tell with that one. Can be used to rapidly grow and increase in power if they fall prey to that sin but compared to a dragon that is aged naturally they fall short due to lack of experiance and unlocking full potential.

14. Deer

14.1. half bird, half woman

14.1.1. I'm iffy about the woman part. There is one in 'The Last Unicorn' that looks like a buzzard with human tits. Could of course be modified for mlp into something less horrifying Oh jeeze I forgot about that, could we make it that they dont look like the monstersgirls from that visual novel but more like what Gilda looks with a humanesque body like a minotaur is? I can see that. Harpies with maybe a human torso but a bird's head. May have human arms? Or we could replace human with monkey. This is getting creepier and creepier.

14.2. Guards Tarterous and is shown to be a large gaurd dog to the bad things which live below. Could also be a quest idea for looking after its pups for the embassy given quest as they are aroung the same sie of the ponies and like to play roughly. Think of the Herculues episode from Disney when Herc was telling Zues its hard to live life as a mortal and what not

14.2.1. Pls. Headcannon alert: Elves of the forest. The type of of magic they use would be completely nature based. Unlike ponies who forces nature to their will, deer will borrow from nature and work with it. They are very respectful to it and would risk themselves to save but one tree. Infact, they would have a mother tree, and each 'clan?' would have it's own. Something similar to the tree in Avatar, every deer having a link to it. Males have more offensive magic while does have defensive magic, healing and caring. There is a bit of sexism among this group with males being leaders and over females. Even the youngest buck has authority over the eldest doe. Expect the bras to start burning. And then the players wind up trying to teach eqality to the whole bunch and we accidently a species turnign them into the deer found at that episode where flutters is trying to get them all adopted as pets

14.2.2. these deer need feminism

14.3. delicious game meat we should hunt

15. Fae

16. Kirin

16.1. Dragon/Horse hybrids, in eastern cultures seen as a creature so gentle, it does not hurt even the blades of grass it steps on. How that works, who knows, but we can skip this jazz and loosely base it around this or could come up with something else. I'm thinking demi-god-like.

16.1.1. So....the result of what would happen if spike and Rara got it on?

16.2. Potential race that could be demigods how? Entire Race could be based off of being the elves in the setting or working as the ones that are high living scholars that tend to ignore the mortal world since they live for so long?

16.2.1. How? Like something you would only catch a glimpse of in the forest, or something you would go to for wisdom or advice. On the otherside, to turn it into an entire race would be a possibility too. For design ideas, look to Crystal Clarity, a popular oc of Rarity and Spike's offspring.

17. Phoenix

18. Chimera

18.1. Sentient creature that can talk independantly and can possibly argue with itself as a weakness other abilities could include things such as poison, mauling, buck, charge and rending for attacks

19. Timberwolves

19.1. I think with each season, they should have a a different appearance, like with you got a few with flowers on them, or in the winter ice based ones,. The alphas would be a thing since somethings gotta keep them in line.

19.1.1. Hell, why stop at wolves? lets make more wood based creatures. We could do that heck Hedgehogs are a derivative of the timberwolf genome in my head cannon same as Lyra Birds considering that they are both based off of wood and what not

19.1.2. Like them pokemon deer

19.1.3. Could even have differnt breeds of wolf, Iron Bark , Amber, Dogwood, Icebased, summer based autumn and spring as well for ideas

20. Kelpie

20.1. Kelpie are water horses, usually dark and evil. Now they don't have to be evil or they very well could be. Up to you guys

20.2. Is that like the loch ness monster?

20.2.1. Oh better idea! What if the Kelpie and the Hippocdramus are at conflict with one another and the PCs have to resolve it just like in the show!

21. Quetzelcoatl

22. Hippogryphs

22.1. Gryphon/horse hybrids

22.2. Pony Griffon off spring that are seen as an oddity with potential new race? Or would it work out that mixing the races results always in the one or the other as genetics works oddly in the case of the Cakes since pegasi and unicorn after all

22.2.1. I think it would be something uncommon to come across really. Like someone mentioned about griffons looking down on breeding with a pony because they saw them as being beneath them. So like the whole situation with the Half elves then? Huamsn think they look to pretty and Elves see them as too ugly and odd in comparsion? Also whats the deal with Half elves and Half Orcs? I mean wheres the Half Dwarfs and Half gnomes and Halflings? Seems odd

23. Sphinx

24. Breezies

24.1. ....Ok i got nothin from this aside from being a possible NPC type quest giver thing

24.1.1. If Breezies get blown off track there could be a mini-quest chain for the weather ponies to get a breeze going for them again.

25. Minotaur

26. Hippocampi

26.1. Horse / fish hybrid. Horse body with fish tail

27. Jackalopes

27.1. Rabbits with horns

27.2. With the ability to gore you to death with hopping power!

28. Wolpertingers

28.1. Rabbits with deer horns and bird wings

28.1.1. Only seen when particularrly drunk as in dear god you are stupid stupid drunk The inn should be covered in these

29. Hippalectryon

30. Owlbear

31. Cerberus

31.1. 3 headed dog thing that eats people.

32. Harpies

33. Ursa Major / Minor

33.1. Super fucking huge creature that will be able to contend with freaking Godzilla for one

33.2. Star Bears of Death

33.2.1. they like milk

34. Mutha Fuckin Hydras

34.1. Multiheaded (6-7) swamp eel that has a taste for snapping up ponies or anything that it can get its mouths on. Most likely like a gather and hibernates in the winter unless something disturbs it but probably lives a sedentary lifestyle hiding in wait.

35. Basilisk

35.1. Turns to stone

35.1.1. Is it the snake thing from harry potter or is it like the actual lizard that runs over water? The one from harry potter I think that is created from having a toad sitting on a chicken egg if I recall correctly which brings to mind that that is a REALLY scary thing

35.2. Could also have its weakness that of a Roosters crow be added in. Not to mention that whole stare it in the eye you are dead thing being reduced to pertrification due to not looking it in the eye proper

36. Treants / Ents

36.1. Demigods to the Deer that are forces of Nature working to keep the forest and wild places protected against abuse? Be similair vein of the Anceitn of War and Knowledge from Wow

37. Giant Antlions

37.1. Is that the one that makes sink holes in the ground to catch things to eat?

37.1.1. Right!

37.2. Large ants that are completely blind, so they rely on their sense of vibration to navigate and locate prey. They are all hive minded, just like ants. They are stationed to both protect the antlion nest and the surrounding area . Have large underground colonies just like ants and are about 2/3 the size of a pony, with the queen being 8x the size of a full grown stallion.

37.2.1. Think we had a huge ant colony in Old town that was established simliar to that though the might have been just normal ants, this reminds me of trapdoor spiders that pop up like demneted jack in the box to eat things. Would there be ways to get free if caught or get captured and take ovff to get eat later and so the pcs have to fight theri way free?

38. Punsters!

39. Giant Bugs

39.1. Thri-kreen?

39.2. Ants/spiders/wasps/centipedes. Predatory insects.

40. Gelatinous Cube/Slime/Jelly

40.1. Acidic jelly capable of dissolving flesh. Low sentience. Attracted to vibrations in earth, being sightless.

40.1.1. Is it possible that different colors do different things? green acid, blue water [tries to hop in mouth and drown], red fire[burns when attacks]

41. Wisps/Dervishes/Elementals

41.1. Animated spirits that either take the form of a light or are given form by the element given. Wisps typically associated with luring the unsuspecting into traps, whereas dervishes and elementals are capable of fighting physically.

42. Doppelgangers/Changelings

42.1. Creatures capable of mimicking the appearance or voice of another.

42.1.1. But we have changelings Changelings have a queen and a set form, this is something based off classic RPG monsters

42.1.2. already have a idea for a quest with these

43. Rok

43.1. Giant white birds of prey, capable of lifting up ponies

44. Shadhahavar

44.1. A type of carnivorous unicorn in Persian folklore which resembles a gazelle with a single hollow horn. Graceful and a little melancholy, the animal stands approximately six feet tall at the shoulder, but is very thin. Dark patches mark its face, dripping down from its eyes which gives the appearance of perpetual tears. When wind blows through the horn, a melody is produced not unlike that from a flute. The music attracts both sentient and non-sentient animals alike. Once an animal is near, the shadhahvar will use the opportunity to attack its prey violently.

45. Peryton

45.1. The peryton combines the body of a giant eagle (5 feet tall with a 25 foot wingspan) with the head of a powerful stag, which casts a human shadow. Live in clusters of ~4 around a nest. Perytons need to eat hearts to survive, and they hunt such beings accordingly

46. Leucrotta

47. Ahuitzotl

47.1. Walks on all fours, with dog-like hind limbs and ape-like forelimbs, and a long monkey-like tail with a hand on its end.

48. Tatzlwurm

48.1. The worm Cadence and Twilight fight against in S4:11

49. Wizard Lizards

49.1. Lizards who are wizards

50. Caribou

50.1. Scandinavian Vikings inspired. Hates their relatives the Deer.

50.2. The leucrotta is an ugly mix of a stag, lion and badger, having the lion's body, badger's head and stag's legs. Carnivorous and semi-sentient. Believed the hide of a beast has magical properties, especially the leather which is said to imbue speed.

51. Trolls

51.1. Different kinds, river, bridge, mountain, tribal, forest