Factors Affecting Population Growth Country: Timor Leste

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Factors Affecting Population Growth Country: Timor Leste by Mind Map: Factors Affecting Population Growth                             Country: Timor Leste

1. Background Information

1.1. Stage 1 to late 3 in 12 years

1.2. 2002: Political Conflict and War

1.3. 2012: Well-developed

2. Natural Resources

2.1. Abundance of Oil reserves

2.1.1. Export and Sale of OIl Fundings for government and revenue booms improved economy Allows developments as government backed by strong growing economy Oil production accounts for close to 89% of the country's Gross Domestic Product

3. Education

3.1. 2002: Barely any Education

3.1.1. Teacher to Student Ratio of 45:1

3.1.2. Literacy Rate of 48%

3.1.3. Without Education People do not know how to take care of their health and that of others High Death Rate Mothers do not know how to take care of their children properly High Infant Mortality Rate Couples do not know how many children to have High Birth Rate

3.2. 2012: Well Developed Education System

3.2.1. Free education for citizens One aspect is the education of family planning and primary healthcare for themselves and their children Women choose to marry later Couples now know how many children they want Mothers are now more prepared and knowledgeable so that they can take the necessary actions to ensure the safety and good health of themselves and their children Doctors or doctors-to-be know how to take care of the population People are better educated Ready pool of labour that can be employed in secondary and tertiary industries

3.2.2. Compulsory primary education

3.2.3. From a small group of remaining teachers to a teaching workforce of thousands of teachers.

3.2.4. Teacher to Student Ratio of 28:1

3.2.5. Literacy Rate of 79.6%

4. Health Care

4.1. free medical services

4.1.1. health care for everyone increased QoL

4.1.2. low death rate DR at 9 000 from Low Population Growth Rate Thus, since healthcare takes a longer time to impact population growth rate and is dependent on the first 2 factors for its development and impact, healthcare is ranked 3rd.

4.2. healthcare facilities

4.2.1. 2 reference hospitals

4.2.2. 3 regional hospitals

4.2.3. clinics in varous villages

5. Top to Bottom: Most Impacting to Least Impacting