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7th Infographics Conference 2014 Nicolas Feltron (1) by Mind Map: 7th Infographics Conference 2014
Nicolas Feltron (1)
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7th Infographics Conference 2014 Nicolas Feltron (1)

archelogical approach

sources of data after activity

talking about a year

started using

deep knowledge about one domain





little visualisation

music - most vibrating


1% of photo's was of his cat

extracted exif data, location, facial recognition, underutilsed source

people took notice


everyone like it

revision of archaeological approach in 2010

after father died

created a report

artefacts sources, calenders, paspoort, slides

been over the world, what did his travel looked like?, calander, tagging of information


pasports are interesting

extracting data out of all kinds of structured sources

3000 slides, added meta data

dicoverable context

asked people on flickr where photos where taken

drafted a whole map where he father has been

cardiographic, visble


rely on data at hand

hard to turn it in a product

hoarding (2006)

as much data as possible

applied in 2006

collecting for purpose of making document



animals eated


created a printed report

hoarding (2007)

first time selling it

tracked down all the streets he walked down in New York

kept track of coffee

hoardig (2008)

miles walked/ run / driven/ subway

need tot adapt to track everything

helicopter ride

mileage is part of grand theft auto

bienniel report (2010/2011)

unique data set

2 years with same set of data

how behavior change by people he has been with




who he had been with

capturing everything in iCal

visualisation to track the visualisation

evaluation hoarding (2009)

high cost


aware of data - hard to let go

maybe you want it later

not a complee view



who you have been with

hard to get a complete knowledge

load of words came back on his mood

mechanical turk, repetitve task

ended up with a mood index

beery vs boozed

graph, happy, swell, eighty

sampling (2012)


streamline your lif

commisioned an iphone app

used reporter, easy to track behaviour


works in progress


particals, trackers, random aray, spaced time curve

location in NY

location spend time in

tracking globally

making connections, tie together states

visualization of data

Reporter App

general edition

allow vsualisation

track background data

answer questions


remember people/ data

designed for the community

export, csv, json

latest 2013 report


sms/ telephone/ conversations/ snail mail

snowden revelations, distinction, data, meta data

power of meta data


meta data is worse?


when a sms send

what was said

when hoarding, time for anything else?

not so much

loves being an exploter

it is fun to do

express his self

amazing discoveries, about his father, sleep paterns

sampling (2009)

give up on completeness

at certain times what he is doing


outsourced it

let others help him with self reporting his mood

personal annual reporting

data out of your life

Nicolas Feltron

Co-founder of

currently a member of the product design team at Facebook

Work has been profiled in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Good Magazine

been recognized as one of the 50 most influential designers in America by Fast Company.



he registrates it all


grand survey

feltron anual report

print piece

explore data, information he collects

examples, site, data

facebook timeline

reporter app (iphone)