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How To Make Content More Engaging by Mind Map: How To Make Content More Engaging
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How To Make Content More Engaging


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Ease into it


Easier on the eyes

Web-content best practices

Simpler language

Pause regularly



Myth to Truth


Step by Step

Different modes

Includes some kind of practical exercise(s)

Analogies & Metaphors



Resources for better teaching

Be always pruning!


Have you asked your ideal audience what questions they most want you to answer / topics they most want you to talk about?

Or what questions *should* they be asking that they don't know to ask yet?

It can be very useful to analyze your niche mates' content

In fact, sometimes partner with your niche mates to create great content!

Occasionally creating & sharing survey data (anonymously) can create very engaging content

Watch for clues

In short, aim to do one or more of the following in your content for your ideal audience:

Share why what you're sharing is important

Give Examples

Whenever appropriate, include practical steps.


Share trends

Relevant statistics and numbers

Present important viewpoints besides your own beliefs

Connect the ideas to other fields of thought / other areas of life

Definitions and distinctions

Explain why alternative solutions (to what you are educating them on) haven't worked / worked as well

Ask Questions

Useful content isn't just what You create, but can be what you *curate*


Is it authentic?

Are you using images?

Is it simple/easy?

Is it numbered?

Is it authentic?

Is it emotional?

Is it dramatic?

Is it controversial?

Is it vulnerable?

Is it funny?

Is there social proof?


Bring in some pop culture or news?

Notice what you enjoy!

Notice what is popular

Values -- do you know your ideal audience's values? Are you speaking to them?


Ask Questions, preferably simple ones

Good grammar & spelling

For in-depth content, make it clear whether it can be, and how to, share it forward!

Know the engagement technique for the specific medium

Ethics: always let Honestly trump Attractiveness

Tell personal stories

Write as if to a friend or a colleague

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