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Fresh Dental Graduate; What is After Graduation by Mind Map: Fresh Dental Graduate; What is After Graduation
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Fresh Dental Graduate; What is After Graduation

This mindmap is created by ( Weam Banjar & Alaa Qari )

Take necessary exams

Language proficiency test

General Record Examination (GRE)

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exam

National Board Dental Exam

National Dental Examining Board of Canada

Professional tracks

Administrative track

Research-related track

Clinical track

Employment options

Ministry of Health Facilities

Academic institutions

National Guard health facilities

Research centers

Ministry of Defense health services

Armed force hospitals

Medical cities

Postgraduate options

King Abduallah Scholarship Program

Local programs

Study abroad sponsored by Saudi health institution

Private Dental Practice

Dental clinics at non-profit organization

Preparing for post graduate program

Proper statement of purpose

Strong CV

Pay attention to application cycle

Complete all application requirement

Being competitive applicant

Research experience

Good exams score

Strong CV

Statement of purpose

volunteer activities


Extra-curicular activities

Public health awareness

Letters of recommendations

Award and honors

Work experience

Leadership activities

How to reduce the unemployment gap in my CV

Attachment program at National Guard Hospitals

Observership program

Working at private dental clinics

volunteer activities

Health awareness campaign

Volunteer in charity clinics

Volunteer to work at University clinics

Attractive CV

minimal gap

Relevant extra-curricular activities

Relevant volunteer activities

organized in chronological order

Highlight outcome of your activities


Research experience

Work experience

Clear professional objective

How to increase my options to get accepted

Perceptorship/ observership program

Fellowship programs

Research internship

High score in standardized tests

Work experience

Proof of sponsorship

Requirement for Postgraduate Study

Standardized tests


Personal statement

Proposal for MS and PhD degrees


Created by (Dr. Weam Banjar + Dr. Alaa Qari