The Website I have been waiting for

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The Website I have been waiting for by Mind Map: The Website I have been waiting for

1. Audience

1.1. Prospective Employers

1.1.1. Being a portal for my personal portfolio, the website should be helpful for my employers to have a look at my works and other interests

1.2. Blog enthusisats

1.2.1. Anybody who enjoys reading good blogs and appreciable humor

1.3. General readers

1.3.1. Since my website also hosts articles written by me, anyone who has interests reading those other than my blogs is welcomed

1.4. Someone who has extra time to spend on the internet

1.4.1. As said, anyone who has time to go and just ponder on my website contents

2. Contents

2.1. Home

2.1.1. An introduction about the purpose

2.1.2. My profile view and self intro

2.2. Portolio

2.2.1. projects

2.2.2. graphics

2.2.3. writing samples

2.2.4. downloadable resume

2.3. Blog Entries

2.3.1. About random stuff

2.3.2. Things I think about on a regular basis

2.4. Articles Section

2.4.1. More elaborate writing samples

2.4.2. More specific topics and genre

2.5. Contact me

2.5.1. contact form within website

2.5.2. email address

3. Purpose

3.1. To provide an insight about how my mind and heart works

3.2. To show my skills as an advertising professional and broadcast other assets

3.3. To share my interests and thoughts on a multimedia platform that is public to almost all people with access to the internet

3.4. To be reachable to prospective employers who apparently just found the next best thing in the advertising world.

4. Resource and Collaboration

4.1. For Portfolio

4.1.1. My personal creations and copies that I produced whilst doing an internship or a job.

4.1.2. Advertisements that I collaborated with a team or other individuals

4.1.3. Freelance work samples

4.2. For Blogs

4.2.1. Shared work found somewhere on the internet

4.2.2. My personal thoughts and experiments

4.2.3. My opinions on works of other artists/bloggers

4.3. For Articles

4.3.1. Only my personal thoughts and opinions