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Perspectives On The American Dream by Mind Map: Perspectives On The American
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Perspectives On The American Dream

Tony Hawk

This man views success as a byproduct of perserverance and passion. - Philip Badzuh

Tony Hawk works hard at what he has chosen for his career: skateboarding. He does not care what other people think of his passion and truly fulfills his "American Dream." Heather Sharpe

He dedicates his life to doing the profession he loves the most—skateboarding—regardless of what his peers think about it. (Ruben Barahona)

Ying Ying Yu

Has dilemmas facing family values and traditions they want her to uphold. (G. McCloskey)

Even though she would like to be a gardener, she does not become one because she is afraid of disappointing her family, so she became a lawyer. (Ruben Barahona)

This individual views success as depending on hard work and dedication and as something that doesn't alway fall in line with what one wants to do in life. - Philip Badzuh

Ying Ying Yu struggles with accomplishing her dream job as a gardener. She feels held back by her family values, heritage, and country's culture. She is forced to fulfill her "duty" and sacrifices her entire life. Instead of fulfilling her "American Dream" she becomes a lawyer. Heather Sharpe


Both struggle with normalities put out by society and views differing from their own. (G. McCloskey)

They both have their own passions and have to strive to achieve the careers they wish to pursue. (Ruben Barahona)

Both have perseverance and dedication in the things that they do and these attributes have allowed them to succeed. - Philip Badzuh

Both Tony Hawk and Ying Ying Yu struggle with "fitting in with society." They perservere through their dilemmas and both desire to acheive a certain career. Heather Sharpe