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MSIM Beardraiser by Mind Map: MSIM Beardraiser
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MSIM Beardraiser




Mayuko, system design, data analysis

Kay, DB help

Nick M, 2 hours

Jasper et al., Q&AIMS consult

Mike H, AIMS site/online resources

Joel L - MSIM alum, Advancement


Fundraising, Shimon, fundraising expertise, fundraising research pointers, Cortney L

Design, Josh W, Rachel E


General, Stef


BAL - fundraising

Skorupka - eWay

To Contact

RVL, social participation feedback/brainstorming

Colin Mc - Advancement, DB

Scott Barker - ...?

Andy Everett - 1st Exec, WADOT

Jeff Froh - 1st Exec?

K Cushman

map contact per cohort


[particular question], [person to ask, and when]

Lane, MSIM alumni numbers, past giving rates




Vision, Create an endowed scholarship to benefit future MSIM students and connect and strengthen the MSIM alumni community., Phase I "Iteratively create a website to manage an online fundraising campaign, incorporating social/participatory elements and multi-channel messaging, by March.", Phase II "Manage a fundraising campain targeting MSIM alumni to raise money for an MSIM-specific endowed scholarship by June."

Initial steps, what I want to do, required tools, what is available to me, support, form advisory board, consult advisors, New node, what I need to build myself

Analysis, strategies, fundraising, networking, information stewardship, available resources, map out social network by cohort, alumni numbers from Lane, metrics, what to measure, defining success, baseline, risks, tabulate impact/probability, technical requirements, alumni relations, UW/iSchool politics, access to data, networking ability, team dynamics, determine scope, plan out WBS, required time



barebones site

donation functionality

metrics in place

feedback mechanisms


relatively polished site

kick off campaign

conduct fundraising


wrap up fundraising


announce results


shave beard (?)


Capstone class

WBS - Jan 19

Gantt chart - Jan 30

Research paper - Feb 20, UW Advancement, iSchool Advancement, UWKC, online giving, RVL

Project proposal - Mar 13


Poster - June 3

Misc brainstorming

beard auction

webpage - wordpress/joomla/etc?

parallel messages

MSIM theme

beard theme

multiple channels

blog, guest writer

FB-Advancement tie-in?

twitter stuff (also => FB)

"Give it a ponder"

Moo cards?


in person


contact info of friends

email to forward

"that person who knew everyone" social hub mining

The Site

The Pitch

0912 Finance feasibility deck

1001 MSIM recruiting deck,

10?? pre-site description deck

10?? rough placeholder, photoshop image map?, descriptions of what's to come, timeline?, Donation button


backup methods




Links and feeds


from AIMS

Twitter #beardraiser

Flickr tags, beard, msim, beardraiser, scholarship

MSIM theme

MSIM history timeline

scholarship efforts history

MSIM picture feed (flickr tags)

Donation status tweets

MSIM stories/blog (contributed by donors)

Donate to vote on name (proportional weight)

Beard parallel theme

Beard timeline

Beard picture feed

Beard update tweets

Beard stories/blog (contributed by guests)

Donate to vote on outcome (proportional voice)

Message tools

idea submission

idea commenting

vote allocation, tie in with donation data

vote tracking

Story tool

story submission

story metadata

FB tie-in

per Joel's suggestions

Campaign tracking/status

tie in with donation data

Timeline mashup

dates, events, pictures, stories

pictures => Flickr

Feedback mechanism

FAQ, solicit/brainstorm questions, write answers

plug-in feedback tool?

Donation functionality

UW Advancement, Colin


short updates - status/tweets/etc

longer narratives - blog, confession: dislike of fundraising, how this whole thing started

y'know, iteration

Google sitemap

The Fundraising


scholarship distribution terms, purpose, tuition, travel, etc

contingencies if inadequate funds

step-up language for higher levels

continued giving option

openness/sharing of info

temporary name "Eric's Beard Memorial MSIM Scholarship"


MSIM alumni - primary group

iSchool faculty - mention

MSIM advisory board - mention

students - mention, enlist

anyone else? - "and hey, if you're just a fan of beards (or of shaving them off), come on in!"

matching funds?


donate and network

network instead of donate?

student-driven effort, non-official



leader board

"the last person donated X amt"

see research

email disclaimer (and account?)

Rest of quarter



Prototype, sketch screens, see what I can pull together with existing tools - play around


harmonize mindmap w/Gantt

start executin'!

research paper, New node


placeholder page

short desc -> Lane

MSIM alum info from Joel

boilerplate terms from Lane

kickoff on FB, Twitter


incorporate V-Week, call for pictures


mtg w/Crandall

progress to Boiko

report to Lane

arrange W-F mtgs?

site update?

review & update tasks

Thoughts & Suggestions welcome!

ericbell at uw dot edu