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Project by Mind Map: Project
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Why is this being done? What would "on purpose" really mean? What are the key standards to hold in making decisions and acting on this project? What rules do we play by? The purpose and principles are the guiding criteria for making decisions on the project.

Mission Vision Goal Successful Outcome

What would it be like if it were totally successful? How would I know? What would that success look or feel like for each of the parties with an interest? Envision "Wild Success"


What are all the things that occur to me about this? What is the current reality? What do I know? What do I not know? What ought I to consider? What haven"t I considered? Etc. (See Project Planning Trigger List.) Be complete, open, non-judgmental and resist critical analysis View from all sides


Identify components (sub-projects), sequences and/or priorities What needs to happen to make the whole thing happen? Create outlines, bulleted lists etc, as needed for review and control

Next Actions

Determine next actions on current independent components. (What should be done next and who will do it?) If more planning is required, determine the next action to get that to happen.

Review (re. Lisa Peake)

Do I have a clear next action step identified? Is there any equipment, software, or information that I need before I can move forward on this project? Am I waiting for anything? Is there a deadline on this project? What Area of Responsibility does this relate to for me? Are there any key people with whom I should be talking about this? Why am I doing this?