Marketing and Advocacy

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Marketing and Advocacy by Mind Map: Marketing and Advocacy

1. Research

1.1. Create annotated bibs

1.1.1. Suzy will do... Lance, Keith Curry and Hofschire, Linda. "School Librarian Staffing Linked With Gains In Student Achievement, 2005 To 2011." Teacher Librarian 39.6 (2012): 15-19. Professional Development Collection. Web. 13 Feb. 2014. Montiel-Overall, Patricia. "Teacher And Librarian Collaboration: A Qualitative Study." Library & Information Science Research (07408188) 30.2 (2008): 145-155. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text. Web. 11 Feb. 2014.

1.1.2. Judy will do...

1.1.3. Chris will do...

2. Artifacts

2.1. introduction to collaborative planning and lesson implementation

2.2. links to collaborative lesson plans

2.3. statement or table about the benefits of coteaching to specific audiences

2.4. resources for inquiry learning

2.4.1. A symbaloo?

2.4.2. a table?

2.5. links to inservice presentations

3. Elevator Speech

3.1. Transcript

3.2. Tool to use?

3.3. Major points to cover

3.3.1. "Reading is a foundational skill for 21st-century learners" (Position Statement on the School Librarian's Role in Reading)

3.3.2. "School librarians model and collaboratively teach reading comprehension strategies" (Position Statement on the School Librarian's Role in Reading)

3.3.3. "In addition, 21st-century learners must become adept at determining authority and accuracy of information, and analyzing and evaluating that information to synthesize new knowledge from multiple resources" (Position Statement on the School Librarian's Role in Reading)

3.3.4. "School library programs serve as hubs of literacy learning in the school" (Positions Statement on the School Librarian's Role in Reading)

3.3.5. Librarians help "classroom teachers teach reading comprehension strategies and [help] principals reach school goals for reaching achievement" Morellion, Judi. "Position Yourself At The Center: Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies." Teacher Librarian 35.5 (2008): 27-34.

3.3.6. "Team teaching is job-embedded professional development practiced with actual students, with the taught curriculum, and within the supports and constraints of our everyday work environments" (Ibid)

4. Take Aways

4.1. Business Card

4.2. Brochure

4.3. Haiku Deck or animoto presentation?

5. Slogan

5.1. Connecting Communitites Through Collaboration

5.2. <img src=""/> <a href=""><img src="" alt="logo creator logo maker logo" border="0"/></a>

5.3. logo

5.3.1. Get jpg from Judy

6. Collaborators

6.1. Suzy

6.2. Judy

6.3. Chris

6.4. Wiki:

7. Target Audience

7.1. Utopian School District Principals