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21st Century Teacher & ICT by Mind Map: 21st Century Teacher & ICT
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21st Century Teacher & ICT

Personal use/efficiency

own data management

personal communication tools

Maintaining Professionalism/Facebook

presenting in the classroom


Engagement & interactivity

Teaching/Reinforcing ICT

NC - PoS

Continued Professional Development

Online courses

Informal Learning

News/Data feeds (RSS)

Communities of practice

Communication tools

Progression in learning - Seb's 5 steps


Assessment of ICT

Assessment with ICT

Supporting & enhancing learning

Online Research

Illustrating concepts

Students as producers


Games based learning


Supporting the learning process

Preparation and Planning

Finding Resources

Adapting Resources

Producing plans

Producing resources

Finding new subject info


Overview of what you need to know about ICT as a teacher

Starting points for developing your own skills

SG classification of professional knowledge and expertise

Key Questions

Is ICT enhancing learning? Are students more engaged? Are students more in control of their learning? Am I working in a more efficient way?

Ofsted Framework

Resources, including new technology,make a marked contribution to the quality of learning,