Lessons from a school garden

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Lessons from a school garden by Mind Map: Lessons from a school garden

1. Informative speech

1.1. What benefits does a school garden provide?

1.2. Who benefits from the garden?

1.3. What can the students learn from having access to a school garden?

1.4. What are some of the steps to starting a student-run garden?

2. Living Laboratory

2.1. Explain how the garden functions as a living lab

2.2. A slide that highlights some possible 'living lab' experiments

2.3. teamwork and group participation = success


3.1. Nutrition lessons through the garden

3.2. introducing the students to the idea of farming

3.3. patience and its rewards

4. Presentation/Structure

4.1. Narration over slides/ pictures

4.2. Possibly use Prezi

4.3. Animoto

4.4. Fair Use picutures

4.5. Personal farm pictures

4.5.1. CSA pictures pictures of nutritional foods/meala

4.6. upbeat, mild electronica music

4.6.1. Possibly acoustic guitar

5. Involving the CSA

5.1. Introducing the concept of CSA

5.2. CSA as community leaders/volunteers

5.3. Teaching children the imp. of agriculture in our society

6. Purpose and Adience

6.1. Audience: educators, administration, parents

6.2. Purpose: To stress the importance and benefits of a community garden on school grounds.


7.1. 1. An overview of the community/school garden

7.2. 2. What a school garden brings to the table

7.3. 3. How to plan your school garden

7.4. 4. The CSA, ally of the neighborhood farm

7.5. 5. Getting started, a community initiative

7.5.1. Bringing family/faculty together to get everyone involved.