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Magnetism by Mind Map: Magnetism

1. Definition of magnetism

1.1. physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge

1.2. resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects

2. Principle of magnetism

2.1. combination of two nondestructive testing method

2.1.1. magnetic flux leakage

2.1.2. visual

2.2. like poles repel

2.3. unlike poles attract

2.4. Example : bar magnet

2.4.1. has magnetic field in and around the magnet

2.4.2. magnetic lines of force exits or enters the magnet is called pole

2.4.3. 2 poles North South

3. Magnetic Field

3.1. change in energy within a volume of space

3.2. Example : Magnetograph

3.2.1. magnetic field surround bar magnet

3.2.2. can be created by placing piece of paper over a magnet and sprinkling the paper with iron filing

3.2.3. magnetic lines of forces show that where the magnetic field exit the material at the one pole and reenters material at another pole along length of magnet

3.3. a way of mathematically describing how magnetic materials and electric currents interact

3.4. have both a direction and a magnitude, or strength

4. How to produce magnetism

4.1. A magnetic field is produced by any charged particle in motion

4.2. 1. The force of attraction or repulsion between electric charges is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them

4.3. 2. Magnetic poles comes in pairs that attract and repel each other much as electric charges do

4.4. 3. An electric current in a wire produces a magnetic field whose direction depends on the direction of the current

4.5. 4. A moving electric field produces a magnetic field, and vice versa

5. Experiment to show Magnetism

5.1. Materials

5.1.1. Iron filing

5.1.2. Magnet bar

5.1.3. Paper

5.2. Procedure: Iron filings 1. By spreading fine iron filings or dust on a piece of paper laid on top of a magnet, you can see the outline of the magnetic lines of force or the magnetic field. 2. Iron filings and compasses show the shape and direction of the magnetic field 3. This experiment also shows that magnetism will act through many materials, such as paper

5.3. Procedure: Compass to show the magnetic field When you bring a compass near an item suspected of being magnetized or having a magnetic field, the compass will turn and point toward the appropriate pole of the object.