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Twitter, Wikis and games in education. by Mind Map: Twitter, Wikis and games in
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Twitter, Wikis and games in education.


Iphone apps


Programming is getting easier



Alice 3D



Professional development with other teachers

900 connections, breeze through, don't know answer to kids question, why do we multiply binominals, tweeted it, within 15 minutes 6, Collaborating with a professor and blogged with him a few days later, Responsive teacher!, noone else in my school knew it

outside of school

Is it cheating?

Does web 2.0 cheapen general Knowledge

What information needs to be committed to memory?

Can you offload all knowledge to computers and the cloud?

Is information cheap?

Glen uses classroom blogs 2-5 times a week

You don't need to login but will have to click cancel twice

post Problem of the week blog

no longer lost papers

math is a social process

kids during my class kids write more

The tools are not being developed for education we need to adapt them.


value added, gaining time?, gaining skills?, raising the bar

We need to use the ones that are out there

easy fit

not force fit

we don't buy software anymore




Middle school especially concerns of "digital citizenship"

how far to let it go when kids push the limits

the more we doi it as professional student work the more respectful

buisness voice vs social voice

wiki vs. blogs vs. google docs

Wiki, 4th grade Humanities


copy paste to a blog from google docs

google docs

6th grade collaborative project, all kids at same time, efficiency, you can check who did the work, makes me a better teacher because it takes away the kid's excuses;-"I did it all", the computer tracking changes is neutral not spyingl

In the cloud,

Other Web 2.0 Tools

Stykz - great annimation tool can be saved to QT then imported to GarageBand and students can create music background

Sample Stykz on Nancy's Blog

other tools