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Business Plan by Mind Map: Business Plan
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Business Plan


1.What happen?

Internal Factors (S/W)

1st C: Company, Based on All Business Functions, Production, Marketing, HR, Finance, Management, Value Chains, 9's McKenzie

External Factors (O/T)

PEST, Politics, Economics, Social, Technology

2nd C: Competition, Porter's 5-Forces

3rd C: Customer


Business, Porter's 5-Forces, Intensity of Rivalry, Level of competition, Market growth rate, Exit Barrier, Profitibility, Bargaining Power of Buyers, Lot quantity, Price per customer's revenue, Level of Differentiation, Customer switching cost, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Differentiation of goods suppliers provide, Number of suppliers, Importance of goods suppliers provide, Switching cost for changing supplier, Threat of Substitute Product, Perceived quality and efficiency of substitute product, Competitive price for substitude product, Customer switching cost, Threat of New Entrants, Response from current players, The need for economy of scale, Accessing distribution channel, Accessing technology, Level of differentiation, Customer switching cost, SWOT Matrix (TOWS), 9'S McKenzie, Value Chains, BCG Matrix, GE's 9 Cells, Porter's Diamond

Marketing, Brand Health Check, Identity, Sensory Branding, Olfactory, Touch, Visual, Taste, Hear, Image, Advertising, Customer, CRM, Social, CSR, ???, ???, Product Life Cycle, Introduction Stage, Early Adopters, Growth Stage, Early Majority, Mature Stage, Late Majority, Saturation/Decline Stage, Laggards/Follower

Production, Critical Path

Finance, NPV/IRR/Payback, Breakeven

2.Where are we going?





Marketing, Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost

Production, Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity

HR, Increase Productivity, Reduce Turnover

Finance, Reduce Risk, Increase Return

Key Success Factor

Socio-economic Class

3.How will we get there?

STP Strategy

Segmentation, Demographic, Age, Gender, Geographic, Country, City, Region, Psychographic, Lifestyle, Personal Traits, Personality, Behavior

Target Customer, Primary Customer, Secondary Customer

Positioning, Perceptual Map / Positioning Map, Benefits, Functional Benefit, Emotional Benefit, Social Benefit, Psychographic Benefit

General Strategy

Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy, Product-Market Growth Matrix, Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development, Diversification, Concentric, Conglomerate, GE's 9 Cell, Stability Strategy, Horizontal Growth, Vertical Growth, Diversification, Concentric, Conglomerate, Captive Company or Divestment, Retrenchment

Business Strategy, Strategy dealing with Customer/Competitor, Overall Low-Cost Provider Strategy, Broad Differention Strategy, Focused Low-Cost Strategy, Focused Differention Strategy, Best Cost Provider Strategy

Marketing Strategy, Holistic Marketing, 1: Integrated Marketing, Product, 4P (4C), Product Strategy, Price Strategy, Channel Strategy, IMC Strategy, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Public Relation, Advertising, AISAS, Attention, Interest, Search, Action, Share, Personal Sales, Service, 7P (7C), People Strategy, Process Strategy, Physical Evidence Strategy, SERQUAL, Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, Responsivemess, 2: Relationship Marketing, CRM: Customer Relationship Management, CEM: Customer Experience Management, CE: Customer Engagement ???, 3: Internal Marketing, Employee, Supplier, 4: Social Marketing, CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, Blue Ocean, International Marketing, Dealing with new external factor (PEST), Competitive Marketing (Red Ocean), Strategy by product life cycle (PLC), Offensive Strategy, Defensive Strategy, Signaling, Blocking, Mobile Strategy, ???


Grantt Chart


Projected Revenue

Expected Expenses, Operating Expense, Capital Expense (CAPEX)

Financial Analysis, IRR/NPV/Payback/ROE, Breakeven, Sensitivity analysis

Balanced Scorecard


Contingency Plan

4. How to present?

Hybrid report