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The Devil's Wife by Mind Map: The Devil's Wife
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The Devil's Wife

1. Dirt

Origins of her relationship with Brady

The murders themselves

Her appearance

2. Medusa

The claustrophobic relationship

The trial and judgement

Her sentence

The public image of Hindley

Unable to accept what she has done

Still desires Brady

3. Bible

Hindley's denial continued, after incarceration

In prison she adopted the Catolic faith

5. Appeal

Double meaning of appeal

Hindley said she would rather have hanged

The poem lists different forms of capital punishment

"If life means life means life means life"

"What did I do to us all when I was the Devil's wife?"

4. Night

Hindley's decision in 1987 to confess her guilt

Reference to biblical "long dark night of the soul" before forgiveness is earned

"words that crawl out of the wall"

"Suffer. Monster. Burn in Hell"

"When morning comes I shall finally tell"


The facts

Brady and Hindley murdered 5 children in the 1960s

The children were sexually assaulted

They buried them on the Yorkshire Moors

Not all of the bodies have been recovered