MindMeister can support learning through

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MindMeister can support learning through by Mind Map: MindMeister can support learning through

1. Collaboration with Peers

1.1. Simultaneously work on the same mind map

1.2. Clarify each other’s understanding

1.3. Exchange ideas and information

1.3.1. Real time

1.3.2. Offline

1.3.3. Apps for mobile use

2. Presentation tool

2.1. Copy and paste existing content

2.2. Zoom and pan function

2.3. Various share options

3. Enhance learning by

3.1. Improving learners understanding of complex topics

3.2. Increases learners creativity

3.3. Enriches learning by using icons, images and videos

3.4. Make learning fun

4. Supports research and writing essays skills

4.1. Collect notes, links and documents

4.2. Stimulates thought process and is a visual map

4.3. Evaluate and comprehend information

4.4. Assists in the development of essay writing

4.5. Can be exported to Microsoft