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Justin Klee by Mind Map: Justin Klee

1. Money

1.1. Tree/Cotton

1.1.1. 20 years I can pay bills online.

2. QNB Pencil

2.1. aluminum

2.1.1. 5 years I can use it as a guide stick for new plants sprouting out of the ground.

3. Shampoo bottle

3.1. Oil

3.1.1. 3 weeks I can turn it into a center piece where you place flowers.

4. Box of Clementines

4.1. Tree

4.1.1. 10 years I can burn the wooden box for warmth.

5. Gatorade Bottle

5.1. Oil

5.1.1. 20 years I can clean it and use it to water plants.

6. Pillow

6.1. Oil/Cotton

6.1.1. 10 Years I can turn it into a bed for my dog

7. Toothbrush

7.1. Oil

7.1.1. 3 months I can use it to clean grout between tile

8. Sheets

8.1. Oil/Cotton

8.1.1. 10 years I can tear it up and turnit into rags for cleaning.

9. TV remote control

9.1. Oil

9.1.1. 15 years I can take out the wires and use them for other electronic uses.

10. Wood Baseball Bat

10.1. Tree

10.1.1. 1-3 years I can burn it for warmth if needed.

11. Lanyard

11.1. Oil

11.1.1. 5 years I can use it as rope to secure an item.

12. Elk Hair

12.1. Elk

12.1.1. 2 years I can use smaller amounts; but still make sure my fly stays afloat.

13. Dr. Slick Scissors

13.1. Stainless Steel

13.1.1. 3 years I can send it to be resharpened and sold again.

14. Selt Belt

14.1. Oil

14.1.1. 30 years I can use it as a knot tying material for survival reasons.

15. Football

15.1. Cow

15.1.1. 5 years I can turn it into a dog toy.

16. Goldfish Crackers

16.1. wheat

16.1.1. 3 weeks I can buy it in bulk so you dont have to buy alot of packages.

17. Orange Juice Carton

17.1. Tree

17.1.1. 1-3 weeks I can use carton as a pot for plants.

18. Fork

18.1. Stainless Steel

18.1.1. 15 years I can use it as a small rake for gardening in small places.

19. Yogurt (container)

19.1. Oil

19.1.1. 10 years I can use container for germination of plants.

20. Plate

20.1. Sand

20.1.1. 20 years I can break it up and use it as garden decorations

21. Baseball

21.1. Cow/Cotton

21.1.1. 2 years I can take the string out from the center and use it for tying knots and i can use the rubber core as a bouncy ball.

22. Baseball glove

22.1. Cow

22.1.1. 10-20 years I can give it to my cousin when it gets too small for my hand.

23. Basketball net

23.1. Cotton

23.1.1. 2 years I can use it as a net that you use to hold a fish after you capture it.

24. Toilet

24.1. Clay

24.1.1. 50 years I can use it as a planter that you place flowers in to grow.

25. Car Seat

25.1. Cow

25.1.1. 30 years I can use the foam to make cushioned chairs and seats

26. Tiemco Hooks

26.1. Steel

26.1.1. 2 years I can melt down the hooks and mold them into newer and stronger hooks.

27. Wapsi Ultra Thread

27.1. Oil

27.1.1. 20 years I can use the spool to hold wire and other thread.

28. School I.D.

28.1. Oil

28.1.1. 1 year I can use it a s a gum remover from the underneath of tables.