Looking for Insurance

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Looking for Insurance by Mind Map: Looking for Insurance

1. No Qualifying Event

1.1. Assurant Health Access

1.2. Short Term Medical

1.2.1. HII

1.2.2. United Health Care

1.2.3. Assurant Health

1.2.4. Humana

1.3. Ancillary Plans

1.3.1. Accident VBA American General Life GTL Gap Plus Plan

1.3.2. Critical Illness Colorado Bankers Life GTL American General Gap Plus Plan

2. Has A Qualifying Event

2.1. Job change

2.2. Job loss

2.3. Changes in your family due to:

2.4. Marriage or divorce

2.5. Birth or adoption of a child

2.6. Death of a family member

2.7. Permanently moving to a new location, that has a different coverage area

2.8. Loss of Medicaid

2.9. Loss of CHIP

2.10. Expiration of your COBRA benefits

2.11. Graduating college or losing coverage from your parent’s health plan

2.12. Gaining or losing a dependent

2.13. Change in disability status

2.14. Certain changes in your income

2.15. Changes in your household size

3. In Nevada

3.1. Has Qualifying Event

3.2. Has no Qualifying event

3.2.1. 90 day waiting period

4. In any state that is not NV

5. Does not Qualify for Subsidy

5.1. www.assuranthealthsales.com

5.2. www.humana.com

5.3. www.goldenrule.com

6. Qualifies for Subsidy

6.1. www.healthcare.gov

6.1.1. Humana