Tacky The Penguin

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Tacky The Penguin by Mind Map: Tacky The Penguin

1. Writing

1.1. Make a penguin book:

1.1.1. illustrate the cover, and write sentences about every Tacky book read on the different pages. (5 days activity).

2. Math

2.1. Odd and even numbers

2.2. graphing: different graphing activities, depending on the main idea of the book read.

2.3. Penguins' feet measurement

3. Social Studies

3.1. What makes us different?

3.2. My likes and dislikes

3.3. Friendship

4. Reading

4.1. Tacky the Penguin

4.2. Tacky in Trouble

4.3. Three Cheers for Tacky

4.4. Tacky and the Emperor

4.5. Tacky and the Winter Games

5. Art

5.1. Reader Theater: Tacky the Penguin.

5.2. Penguin Friends' Mobile.

5.3. Tacky directed activity (construction Papers).

5.4. Coloring a coded penguin picture.

6. Language Arts

6.1. Antonyms

6.2. Vocabulary study

6.3. Compare and Contrast: using a Venn Diagram.

7. Science

7.1. How many different types of penguins are there?

7.2. How can penguins be birds and not fly?

7.3. Where do penguins live/How do penguins keep warm-cool?

7.4. What do penguins eat, and who eats the penguins?