World Languages Collections

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World Languages Collections by Mind Map: World Languages Collections

1. Chinese

1.1. Primary Library

1.1.1. 好书推荐 Good reads

1.1.2. 非小说类 Non-Fiction

1.1.3. 分级阅读 Readers Readers 初级 Beginner Readers 中级 Intermediate Readers 高级 Advanced

1.1.4. 儿童读物 Junior Fiction 儿童读物 J FIC 儿童读物 J FIC Text only

1.1.5. 儿童绘本 Junior Pictures

1.1.6. 图画书 Picture Books 图画书 PB EASY 图画书 PB

1.1.7. 漫画 Graphic Novels

1.1.8. 中文老师区 Teaching resources Language A 母语 Language B 二语

1.2. Online Resources

1.2.1. Online resources for Middle School Chinese UWCSEA East Online Curriculum (EOC) Chinese Language A Language B

1.2.2. Online resources for Primary Chinese UWCSEA East Campus Primary Learning Programme Apps for students learning Infant students Language A (Chinese Advanced) Language B - Developing and Extending Group Language B - Beginner Window Based Applications Links for stories Infant Language A Infant Language B Online stories

1.2.3. Online resources for High school Chinese UWCSEA East Online Curriculum High School Chinese Language B Language A

1.3. Secondary Library

1.3.1. 好书推荐 Good reads

1.3.2. 非小说类 Non-Fiction NF Calture 历史文化 NF Health 心理 健康 NF Arts 艺术 美术 NF Science 科学

1.3.3. 小说类 Fiction 青少年文学 文学、小说 外国文学 古典文学

1.3.4. 传记 Biography

1.3.5. Readers 分级阅读 MS 阅读 for Language A MS 阅读 for Language B

1.3.6. 漫画 Graphic Books 漫画 GB 文化 Culture 漫画 GB 国家 Country 漫画 GB 科学 Science

1.3.7. 中文老师区 Teaching resources MS 中学中文/汉语老师区 Language A 母语 Language B 二语 中学高中 教科书 MS/HS TEXTBOOK HS 高中中文老师区 Language A 母语 Language B 二语

1.4. 我要推荐好书 Book recommendations

1.5. E-Books

1.5.1. NLB eResources (memeber only)

1.5.2. 朗朗中文分级阅读 Yes Chinese

1.5.3. 儿童之路 child road

2. Spanish

2.1. Primary Library

2.2. Secondary Library

2.3. Online resources

2.3.1. UWCSEA East Campus Primary Learning Programme

2.3.2. Links from Spanish Teachers

3. French

3.1. Primary Library

3.2. Secondary Library

3.3. Online resources

3.3.1. UWCSEA East Campus Primary Learning Programme

3.3.2. Links from French Teachers

3.4. Parent Resources

4. Other Languages

4.1. Japanese

4.1.1. Online resources

4.1.2. Secondary Library

4.2. Russian (Coming Soon)

4.3. German

4.3.1. Secondary Library

4.4. Cambodian / Khmer

4.5. Arabic

4.6. Swazi / Siswati

4.7. Dutch

4.8. Hindi

5. East Primary Library MAP

6. East Secondary Library MAP