Marriage and the Family

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Marriage and the Family by Mind Map: Marriage and the Family


1.1. HOW have they changed

1.1.1. Most people now have sex before marriage

1.1.2. Couples now live together

1.1.3. Age for getting married has increased

1.1.4. Less marriages in church

1.1.5. Divorce more accepted

1.1.6. Single parent and extended families more common

1.1.7. More re-constituted families

1.1.8. More openly homosexual couples living together

1.2. WHY they have changed

1.2.1. Contraception readily available

1.2.2. People less religious

1.2.3. Celebs cohabit and having kids out of marriage

1.2.4. More sex on TV and in film. Sex more accepted.

1.2.5. Divorce easier

1.2.6. People don't marry for life

1.2.7. Women more independent (personally and financially)

1.2.8. More divorce = more re-marriage

1.2.9. Homosexuality more acceptable. Introduction of civil partnerships.

1.2.10. More gay celebs: Elton John, Stephen Fry etc etc

2. SEX

2.1. Christian attitudes

2.1.1. Sex outside marriage is wrong

2.1.2. Sex should take place between a married couple only

2.1.3. Main purpose of sex is the procreation of children

2.1.4. Bible bans pre-marital sex and adultery

2.1.5. Adultery is also one of the 10 commandments

2.1.6. SOME Christians allow sex between cohabiting couples who intend to marry

2.2. Jewish attitudes

2.2.1. Have the same attitudes as Christians PLUS:

2.2.2. Adultery is likely to harm the family. The family is very important in Judaism as it helps the continuation of the faith

2.2.3. Remember: Jews call the Bible the Torah


3.1. Christian Attitudes

3.1.1. Catholic Attitude No divorce or re-marriage Marriage is sacred to God Divorce can be allowed if the children would be affected by the couple staying together However, parents would still be married in the eyes of God They have this attitude because... Jesus said divorce is wrong in the Gospel of Mark The couple make a covenant (agreement) in the eyes of God when marrying The teaching of the church says that divorce is wrong No remarriage in church because divorce is not allowed

3.1.2. Non-Catholic Attitude Divorce is wrong BUT allowed if the marriage has broken down They believe this because.... Jesus said divorce was allowed in the Gospel of Matthew Divorce is the 'lesser of two evils' Christians teach forgiveness and can have a new start if they are sorry It is better for love to prevail rather than hatred (especially if children involved)

3.2. Jewish Attitudes

3.2.1. Some Jews Divorce is wrong Talmud teaches divorce is wrong Divorce harms children and they are important to Judaism Divorce causes harm to all involved

3.2.2. Many Orthodox Jews Divorce is allowed BUT Only a man can ask for a divorce He must apply for a 'get' a certificate of divorce from the local Jewish council the 'Bet Din' Torah does allow divorce in certain circumstances (eg. Adultery)

3.2.3. Most Reform Jews Divorce is allowed Torah is not the direct word of God and should reflect modern attitudes Men and women should have equal rights in divorce People should (like some Christians) choose the 'lesser of two evils'


4.1. Christian attitudes

4.1.1. Family life is important to Christians

4.1.2. Christians should have children and bring them up in the Christian way

4.1.3. Family was created by God and is an important part of society

4.1.4. Christians should try to stay together and not divorce

4.1.5. Children are introduced to the faith in Christianity through Baptism etc

4.2. Jewish Attitudes

4.2.1. Family life is VERY important to Jews

4.2.2. Family was created by God and is an important part of society

4.2.3. Family is where children learn about right and wrong

4.2.4. Children are introduced to the faith in Judaism through Brit Milah (circumcision) etc

4.2.5. Judaism is passed on by birth and so the faith survives and grows by Jews having families

4.2.6. It is a religious duty for Jews to marry and have children


5.1. Christian Attitudes

5.1.1. Catholic Attitude Being homosexual is not a sin BUT Homosexual sexual relationships are a sin

5.1.2. Evangelical Attitude Homosexuality is a sin

5.1.3. Liberal Attitude Homosexuality is acceptable

5.2. Jewish Atttudes

5.2.1. Orthodox Attitude Being homosexual is not a sin BUT Homosexual sexual relationships are a sin

5.2.2. Liberal/Reform Attitude Homosexuality is acceptable


6.1. Christian Attitudes

6.1.1. Catholic Attitude Sex is a gift from God Purpose of sex is a source of joy for married couples and the way of creating a family Couples should decide on how many children to have With this responsibilty comes natural family planning Artificial contraception goes against God's intentions

6.1.2. Non-Catholic Attitude

6.2. Jewish Atttudes

6.2.1. Ultra Orthodox

6.2.2. Orthodox Attitude

6.2.3. Liberal/Reform Attitude