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If I edit on etherpad by deleting something rather an adding something, then the original writer does not know that I have edited the piece at all.... any ideas how to identify these types of edits?

This would be great to use for editing portfolios. Do you think you would export the documents to a blog to compile the portfolio? How would you show the multiple edits... I don't think it saves each draft.


Foreign Language vocabulary

Looking for key concepts

It's how a right brain thinks

All About Caring Night with Tapestry

First chapter, removing words via MS Word. Leads to a close focus on the text.

Pre reading essential questions"

Reflection on word usage in essays

English Companion Ning

I would like to check out this site, but I'm still waiting on an account approval.


Found that the textbook is written at 10th grade level

Sentence combining.

Pixton (a comic strip creator) Comic Life

Summarizing with comics

Comic Creator

not enough opportunity to be creative