New WDYTYA unit

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New WDYTYA unit by Mind Map: New WDYTYA unit

1. personal identity

1.1. What makes me, me?

1.2. agents of socialisation

1.3. cultural identity

1.4. Where do i come from?

2. Extended Learning Project (Homework)

2.1. Who am I?

2.1.1. "Project" book all about the student - family, background, cultural participation, hobbies, interests

2.2. Shared with A.N. Other school - via schools linking newtowrk - C Harte

2.3. ELP to be set with a time period of approximately 1 month - 1 lesson to be taught prior to the work to explain it in detail - HIJ trialling this with Holocaust module 2009-2010 year

3. Big Questions

3.1. Who are we when faced with Big Questions?

3.2. How do diverse groups deal with big questions?

3.3. Why is this important to a cohesive society?

4. What has worked well?

4.1. The Multi Cultural Street Party (on Wallpaper). It is something the students enjoy and it allows them to visually see how diverse society in the UK actually is. This can be extended to think about why it is important to have a cohesive society despite our cultural differences (links to BIG QUESTIONS)

4.2. Understanding immigration - ridding stereotype ideas - "they all steal our jobs"


5.1. 7 lessons per cycle

5.2. half term

5.3. Mix of CLV cycle lesson, mini enquiries

6. Content

6.1. Agents of socialisation

6.2. British Culture/ British street party

7. Concepts:

7.1. Identity, diversity, belonging?

8. What needs to go?

8.1. Morris family tree - been done by current year 8

8.2. Immigration??

8.2.1. New node

8.3. What potential overlaps with Yr 8 Experience week?

9. Ideas to make it more like a project?

9.1. ELP helps

9.2. related to CLV?

9.3. Thinking like a Historian? Geographer? Philosopher?

10. Processes

10.1. Literacy

10.2. Communication

10.3. Learning about religion

11. Assessment

11.1. Format

11.2. Opportunities

11.2.1. products

11.2.2. process

11.2.3. knowledge and understanding

11.2.4. concepts