Hangout Goals

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Hangout Goals by Mind Map: Hangout Goals

1. 1. Meet and greet students

1.1. Help set up environment--microphone/webcam

2. 5. Answer questions about hangouts

3. 4. Compile list of ways teachers might use hangouts

3.1. Tutorials

3.2. Remote classes

3.3. Students at home can participate in live class

3.4. Parent/Teacher conferences

3.5. Professional Development

3.6. Group work with classmates on project using Google Drive or other screen sharing options

3.7. Homework help after school

3.8. Connect/communicate with parents/students without providing cell phone number

3.9. Can archive conversations

3.10. Conference presentations

4. 2. Summarize types of hangouts

4.1. Scheduled Online Hangouts

4.1.1. Not visible on YouTube or recorded

4.1.2. Can be set up ahead of time and be perpetual, such as office hours

4.2. Google Hangouts on Air

4.2.1. Public audience

4.2.2. Visible live and recorded

4.2.3. More formal and planned

4.3. Google Chat/New Hangouts

4.3.1. Accessible from Gmail, G+

4.3.2. Instant, quick hangouts to chat with someone instantly

4.3.3. Can be different modalities--test, audio, video

4.4. Video Hangouts

4.4.1. Quick, easy way to set up a video hangout and invite people, not recorded.

5. 3. Compare Hangouts & Events

5.1. GHOA: Can create event but still need to invite guest to hangout right before start

5.2. Can also plan a video (hangout ahead of time through Event. Must also invite guest s at start of hangout

5.3. Can start a video hangout at any time and invite anyone