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Our Beautiful Moon by Mind Map: Our Beautiful Moon
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Our Beautiful Moon


Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin

July 20th 1969

Mission Apollo 11


Shaped like an egg

The diameter of the Moon is 2,140 miles

3,476 km


The Moon is the coldest place in the Solar System.

lunar day the surface averages temperature 107 C.

during the lunar night, the averages -153 C.


4.5 billion years old

New node


The Moon dark areas are known as maria.

The far side is often called the dark side.


Eclipses only occur when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are all in a straight line.

Solar Eclipses occur near a new moon.

Lunar Eclipses occur near a full moon.

Light of the Moon

The Moon doesn't produce its own light.

It looks bright because it reflects light from the Sun.


The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is completed in 27.3 days.

How the Moon turns/moves

It rotates around it`s own axis, an imaginary line that connects its pole.

The Moon moves in variety of ways.

The Moon & Earth

The Moon is like Earth, both have three interior.

The Moon is Earth's only natural satelite.

The Moon is 384,403 Kilometers from Earth.

The Moon revoles around the Earth 27 days and 8 hours.

The Near side & The Far side

The side of the Moon thats faces Earth is called the near side.

The opposite side is the far side.