Curriculum Connections

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Curriculum Connections by Mind Map: Curriculum Connections

1. Language Arts

1.1. Reading Responses

1.2. Reading and Writing "Next Steps" Reflections

1.3. Lesson Exit Passes

1.4. ANY Writing Form

1.5. Post Oral Presentations/Multimedia

1.6. Before, During, and After Questions

2. Mathematics

2.1. Math Reflections

2.2. Before, During, After Problem-Solving

2.3. Lesson Exit Passes

2.4. Post Math Congresses and Feedback

3. Science

3.1. Scientific Processes and Experiments

3.2. Lesson Exit Passes

3.3. Inquiry Questions and Brainstorming Lists

3.4. Science Reflections

4. Social Studies

4.1. Inquiry Questions and Reflections

4.2. Lesson Exit Passes

4.3. History and Geography Reports

4.4. Post Oral Presentations/Multimedia

5. Physical Education and Health

5.1. Health Reflections

5.2. Written Description of Physical Activity or Game

5.3. Skills and Strategies Reflections

5.4. Sporting Debates and Summaries

6. The Arts

6.1. Dramatic Scripts

6.2. Music Reflections

6.3. Reports on Musicians and Actors

6.4. Post Artwork and Reflections