How it all fits

The one common theme is pleasure... This is how I view what is otherwise known as the "adult business"

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How it all fits by Mind Map: How it all fits

1. The Pleasure Diciplines

1.1. In-Person

1.1.1. Dancers and Models Adult clubs Waitresses Go-Go Dancers Strippers Agency Managed Private Models and Strippers Bachelor Party Providers Strip-o-gram and other entertainment Independent Bachelor Party Providers Private Models and Strippers

1.1.2. BD/SM Professionals Pro-Dommes Agency/Studio Managed Independent Professional Submissives Managed Independent

1.1.3. Fetish and RolePlay Professionals Nude Maids Latex, Fur, and other "fabric" specialists Adult-baby-diapers, balloons, and other misc., fetishes and role-play scenarios

1.1.4. Sugar Babes and others in such Arrangements "Accidental" arrangements Sought after arrangements Exclusive Non-Exclusive

1.1.5. Escorts Agency Managed Multiple Hour Minimum and Travel Companions Hourly Street Walkers Independent Established UTR Escorts "Reviewed" Hourly Escorts Street Walkers Tantra/New Age Specialists High Dollar Multiple Hour Minimum and Travel Companions

1.1.6. Sensual Masseuses Tantra, Touch Therapy, and other New Age Specialists Licensed CMTs "Reviewed" Hourly Masseuses Established UTR Masseuses

1.2. "Support Staff"

1.2.1. Drivers

1.2.2. Website Designers and Webmasters

1.2.3. Graphic Designers

1.2.4. Photographers

1.2.5. Scheduler/Screening Services

1.2.6. Security

1.2.7. Videographers

1.2.8. Marketers

1.2.9. Other Media Production Staff (editors, studio owners, etcetera)

1.2.10. Adult Stores

1.3. "In Person" Expressions

1.3.1. Meet'n'Greets

1.3.2. Private Clubs and Groups

1.4. Internet Expressions

1.4.1. Basic Website Independently Maintained Webmaster Maintained

1.4.2. PaySite Independently Maintained Webmaster Maintained

1.4.3. 3rd Party Sites Clips4Sale Ifriends NiteFlirt

1.4.4. Advertisements BackPage Eros Craigslist CityVibe

1.4.5. Social Networks Twitter FaceBook MySpace Xpeeps Forums

1.4.6. Blogs Hosted (i.e., Blogger) Domain-level Connected to main website

1.5. Remote

1.5.1. Phone Sex Operators Independent (ie, on NiteFlirt) agency

1.5.2. CamGirls Independent studio

1.5.3. Porn Actresses Professional (AIMS tested) agency independent Amateur Husband/boyfriend participates Single or husband/boyfriend does not participate

1.5.4. Models Fetish Topless, non-explicit nude, and implied Explicit full nude, solo Porn BD/SM Lingerie SwimSuit Art Nude

1.5.5. Sex Writers Website Reviewers General Sex-bloggers Personal and Individual (usually $ from affiliate links) Advocates "Zine" groups Educators Promoting a related website or service (ie, prolific prodomme bloggers) Erotic Story Writers Erotic Book Authors Erotic Web-content Authors

1.5.6. Text Chat Writers

2. Media

3. Non-"pleasure industry" Professionals

4. Social Networking