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Interactions by Mind Map: Interactions

1. Consumers

1.1. Three types

1.1.1. Herbivore are animals that eats only eats plants

1.1.2. Carnivores are animals that eats only eats animals

1.1.3. Omnivore are animals that eat both animals and plants

2. Organism

2.1. is any living thing

3. Population

3.1. is a group of organisms

3.1.1. of the same kind

3.1.2. reproducing together

3.1.3. in a particular habitat

4. Community

4.1. is made up of

4.1.1. different populations

4.1.2. living together

4.1.3. same habitat

5. Food Chain

5.1. food relationship between population of different organism in a habitat

6. Food Web

6.1. is a better way to see what an animal eats

7. Food Pryramid

7.1. show food relationship

7.2. sizes of population

7.3. relative amounts of food each consumer needs for survival

7.4. transfer of energy