Ableton Live AudioCube Setup/Startup Step-by-Step

A map illustrating setup and startup steps for Percussa AudioCubes

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Ableton Live AudioCube Setup/Startup Step-by-Step by Mind Map: Ableton Live AudioCube Setup/Startup Step-by-Step

1. One Time Install

1.1. Update AudioCube Firmware

1.1.1. Download latest firmware

1.1.2. Read this small manual

1.1.3. Upgrade each cube per manual

1.2. Windows Users

1.2.1. Install Virtual MIDI Ports Recommended: MIDI Yoke Don't forget to donate

1.3. Install MIDI Bridge

1.3.1. Download from this page

1.3.2. Install

1.4. Configure MIDI Yoke Ports in Ableton Live Options

1.4.1. Recommend Port 1 In Port 2 Out

2. Configure

2.1. MIDI Bridge

2.1.1. Start MIDI Bridge

2.1.2. Plug-in Cubes 1 Sender Cubes Sensor Cube 2 Receiver Cube 3 Receiver Cube

2.1.3. Tweak MIDI Bridge params

2.1.4. Save Preset

2.2. Ableton Live Set

2.2.1. MIDI Mapping

2.2.2. MIDI Tracks for LED Automation Left Right

3. Session Startup

3.1. Start MIDI Bridge

3.1.1. Load Preset

3.2. Plug-in Cubes

3.3. Start Ableton Live

3.3.1. Load Sets

3.4. Use

4. Buy Audio Cubes from Percussa Store

5. New node