Aging Ungracefully Project Plan

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Aging Ungracefully Project Plan by Mind Map: Aging Ungracefully Project Plan

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Project Sponsor

1.2. Project Manager

1.3. Developers

1.4. Primary User Group

1.5. Supporting Staff

2. Notes

3. Project Mapping

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. What is the Big idea How to avoid Aging Ungracefully

3.1.2. Problem or issue worth solving

3.1.3. Main value proposition

3.1.4. Unfair advantages The team CFP W. Vito Montone Kim Castle Technical ability of team Experience level of team Aaron Mendez

3.1.5. Marketing verticals Working women 35 - 55 Mothers Over stressed Vertical symptoms

3.1.6. Go to market stategy CrowdFunding Campaign CrowdFunding project website Main landing page Intro video Blog Join us Contact us About Kim Kim Crowd Kim's blog Kim's Social Media Email addresses CF planning Marketing plan Social Media Posting Email marketing Press release Blog Research Assets Kim Crowdfunding Kim's Kitchen Kim's party

3.1.7. Measurement and validation Google Analytic Influencer filters and detection

3.1.8. CrowdFunding goal 150,000 250,000

3.1.9. What is net, net $ ?

3.2. Items to be Delivered

3.2.1. Vito Content development Video introduction with Kim Text Picture Communications will put together a list of influence rs Key words by Vito ( to start) Project session videos Recording Sharing

3.2.2. CFP Content library Marketing project plan Key phases

3.3. Extent

3.3.1. Included

3.3.2. Included

3.3.3. Excluded

4. Schedule

4.1. Project Start

4.1.1. Project specifications

4.1.2. End User requirements

4.1.3. Action points sign-off

4.2. Development Stage 1

4.2.1. Define actions as necessary

4.3. Development Stage 2

5. Timeline

5.1. Schedule

5.2. Budget

5.3. Resources

5.4. Delays

6. Limitations

6.1. Budget

6.1.1. Materials

6.1.2. Personel

6.1.3. Services

6.1.4. Duration

6.2. Delivery Timeline

6.3. Requirements

7. Actions

7.1. Crowd Funding project development

7.1.1. CF project component research Successful and unsuccessful campaigns - Best practices Campaign short message research Campaign Reward research The extra scenes Campaign Script research Campaign video research Campaign strategic partner research Search for content and relevancy Relevent blogger and their socail media or email addresses Search How, why and what - Key pharses Picture and video search

7.1.2. Pre launch content development

7.1.3. Account registration

7.2. Define Project Schedule

7.2.1. Dependencies

7.2.2. Milestones

7.3. Limitations

7.3.1. Schedule

7.3.2. Budget

7.4. Define Project Development Measurement

7.4.1. KPI's