Adult Learning

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Adult Learning by Mind Map: Adult Learning

1. Methods to deliver learning

1.1. Use the different styles of learning to define how to reach your audience.

1.2. Computer-Based eLearnings

1.2.1. Learners will experience teaching from carefully thought out learning modules

1.2.2. Learners will be required to complete a knowledge assessment with completing of the learning module. Learners will need for a successful completing of the learning module a 80%

1.2.3. The knowledge assessment will calculate and track the learners take-away knowledge from the learning module.

1.3. Learning Activities with Facilitation

1.4. Learning and using Social Media

1.4.1. Twitter in the learning Environment

1.4.2. Prezi, PowerPoint, MindMeister, and other software to distribute the learning materials Tools which we can deliver the necessary materials Some focus on the delivery only (Powerpoint & Prezi) Adobe Captivate: Allows for you to have the learner review videos or learning materials with knowledge checks inside of it. You Tube: Gives you the opportunity to create and demonstration right away for the learners to review over and over. Unfortunate we have no way to measure a knowledge check.

1.4.3. Second-Life allow for people to collaborate on projects together Social interaction while learning, including the new use of technology

2. Purpose:

2.1. We hope you'll have fun with MindMeister ...

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2.3. ... and some great ideas too!

3. Different styles of learning:

3.1. Reading

3.2. Writing

3.3. Multi-Modal

3.4. Kinestic

4. Articles, and resources that can help educators and their audiences.

4.1. Please check out: