Lesson on First People

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Lesson on First People by Mind Map: Lesson on First People

1. Notes

1.1. Lesson or Series Title

1.1.1. G2.2 Cognitive Objective

1.1.2. S2.3 Affective Objective

1.1.3. Social Studies 6.1.4 KI-007

1.2. Goals of Each Lesson

1.3. Objectives

1.4. Reasoning

1.5. Content

1.6. Method of Instruction

1.7. Method of Evaluation

2. Objectives

2.1. Give reasons for the establishement of treaties and reserves and describe their impact on individuals, families, communities? (Cognitive)

2.1.1. KWL Research Internet Project

2.1.2. Prerequisites Use the Computer Use the Browser First Nations Seeker Intro Video

2.2. Why is this important? (Affective)

2.2.1. Create something... Video? Podcast? Blog?

2.2.2. Prerequisites Google Account Youtube Account Multi Media Computer Bandwidth

3. Teacher Prerequisites

3.1. Review since last year/term

3.2. Context

3.2.1. Grade 6 Social Studies

4. Resources

4.1. Materials

4.1.1. BYOD

4.2. People

4.2.1. Elder

4.3. Facilities

4.3.1. WiFi signal