Class Project: Develop an Expert System to Simulate Reasoning

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Class Project: Develop an Expert System to Simulate Reasoning by Mind Map: Class Project:  Develop an Expert System to Simulate Reasoning

1. PROCEDURE "Development of the Rules"

1.1. Identify range of learning strategies that can be used by learners (outcomes)

1.1.1. Info processing strategies (recall, organization, integration, and elaboration strategies

1.2. Identify factors needed to represent metacognitive decision making

1.2.1. Began with 6, ended up with over 20 due to complexity

1.3. Complex Development Process

1.3.1. Involved extensive discussions and self reflections about own methods

1.4. Used a commercial expert system shell to enter, debug, and refine the rule bases


2.1. Initially model would represent metacognition in different contexts

2.1.1. Found that metacognition could only be thought of in the context of a particular learning need

2.2. Initially made two rule bases

2.2.1. Combined them to make one rule base due to the need for overlapping factors

3. Menu


4.1. Model how learners use metacognitive reasoning when learning in a defined context

4.2. Reflect on process students use to study for this particular seminar


5.1. Merged rule base modeled the initial phases of engaging in metacognitive processes (before studying begins)

5.2. Expert System elicits info from user

5.2.1. Depth of processing required by subject matter

5.2.2. LearnerCharacteristics prior knowledge, learning style, etc

5.2.3. Task Variables level of mastery required, difficulty of material, time availiable, etc.

5.2.4. SupportStrategies for maximum efficiency comfort of environment, learner's energy level and attitude, perceived self-efficacy

5.3. System gives results to user

5.3.1. a set of study, metacognitive, and support strategies that would best facilitate the learning outcomes desired

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