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John 1 by Mind Map: John 1
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John 1



all things

world, did not know

Lamb of God

takes away sin

Son of God

became flesh

dwelt (tabernacled)among us, seen glory, full of grace & truth, law given by Moses, grace upon grace, we all received, no one seen God, made him known, Rev. 21:3


right (exousia) to become Children, born, of God, election, John 3, Rom 9:16, 1 Peter 1:3, Eph 1:5.9,11, not, of blood, of will, flesh, man, all, receive Him, believe on His Name

baptize with Holy Spirit

beginning with God

was God

King of Israel


Andrew, where staying, come & see, Simon, shall be Peter

Philip, Nathaniel, no guile, under fig tree, saw, see greater things, heaven open, angels ascending & decending


true light, coming into world, enlighten everyone, thall all men may believe, shines in darkness, not overcom, continuously


own, received not

of whom Moses and Prophets wrote


son of Joseph, of Nazareth, can any good come out

Son of Man

preferred before was before

Rev 19:13

John the Baptist


voice, crying in wilderness, make straight

baptize with water

sent from God





the Prophet

shoe not worth to unloose

in Bethany


Spirit, from Heaven, like dove, abide

priests & Levites

from Jersusalem

who are you

why baptize

know not