9/11 Through the Voice of Media (Spring 2010)

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9/11 Through the Voice of Media (Spring 2010) by Mind Map: 9/11 Through the Voice of Media (Spring 2010)

1. Fahrenheit 9/11

1.1. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

1.1.1. nearly 3000 people were killed 6 private jets & 2 dozen others carried the Saudis out of USA

1.1.2. President Bush was on its way to an elementary school...he kept going for his photo opportunity regardless of the first attack. George W. Bush wasn't doing anything--thinking to himself "Access is Power." - Bush Nobody questioned. WHY?!

1.1.3. Bush had cut terrorism funding of FBI

1.1.4. Bin Laden was actually in the states The family members were still in contact wit Bin Laden..and they were in America

1.1.5. James R Bath was dealing with the money of the Bin Ladens (Saudi Bin Laden Group)--the military records had blacked out his name Bath also invested in Bush's money

1.1.6. The Carlyle group was in the Ritz Carlton - Baker, Bush, & others - along with Bin Laden's half brother as the planes crashed into the buildings Carlyle: the 11th largest group. owned United Defense. - they guaranteed that UD would have a good year

1.1.7. Was elder Bush's meets with the Saudis representing the country? or...something else

1.1.8. Bush doesn't prefer investigation to be reported It means a lot more to the people who lost their loved ones during the 9/11

1.1.9. James A. Baker--Saudi has 860 Billion invested in American banks=6-7% of America If the Saudis suddenly pull out the trillion dollars, it would affect the American economy greatly

1.1.10. US State department provides 6 guards to the ambassador of Saudi in America & dines w the president

1.2. What more did you want to know?

1.2.1. Michael Moore & his relationship to George W. Bush?

1.2.2. When Bush was informed about the attack, did the White House (without Bush) have any plans to solve the problem?

1.2.3. What exactly is the opinion & answers the US government has to say?

1.2.4. The video was very biased--How are we to believe that Bush's actions described in this video to be true?

1.2.5. The director's film history--credible source?

1.2.6. Opinions or investigations done by families of the victims of 9/11

1.2.7. What happened to Bin Laden's family now?

1.2.8. Are the Bushes still in contact with these Saudi families? And how does the government plan to deal with the Saudi's money?

1.3. What do you know about 9/11?

1.3.1. the incident was related with oil issues

1.3.2. suicide attack led by Bin Laden

1.3.3. occurred in New York (Allington County)

1.3.4. injured more than 6000 people

1.3.5. many lives lost, many other injured

1.3.6. the planes used for this terrorist attack were hi-jacked

1.3.7. increased alert levels in all nations

1.3.8. the U.S. immigration & other foreign policies changed greatly

1.3.9. right after the incident, the economy struggled

1.3.10. that incident led to stricter regulations in airports all around the world

1.3.11. World Trade Center & the Pentagon both attacked..

2. Suicide Killer

2.1. What do you know about 9/11?

2.1.1. series of suicidal attack from al-Qaeda New node

2.1.2. pentagon/ twin towers (world trade centers) destroyed

2.1.3. many conspiracies - president bush

2.1.4. Osama Bin Laden's plan

2.1.5. wanted to make fun of "911", so they intentionally attacked on Sep. 11, 2001

2.1.6. thousands of casualties

2.1.7. why-maybe because they wanted Americans to get out of Afghanistan

2.1.8. why- or oil? problems?

2.1.9. after the attack, the security level of American went up

2.1.10. more biased thoughts on Middle Eastern people

2.1.11. many prisoners of war were killed in a very cruel way

2.2. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

2.2.1. people thought they were taking important roles by bombing and suicidal killing the opponents

2.2.2. the Muslims were happy when 911 occurred Muslims considered it as a holy act to kill Americans

2.2.3. Muslims don't want to be defeated, so they always try to fight back

2.2.4. regardless of gender and age, everyone trains for the war (summer camps)

2.2.5. 911 wasn't just for the Americans, but for anyone who was involved in the situation bombed London as well

2.2.6. suicidal killing was considered as an honor - chosen

2.2.7. their goal is to spread Islam and satisfy Allah

2.2.8. raising children as martyrs is an honor to the family - parents are proud of their sons even after death

2.2.9. Muslims believe that Jews were sent to them, but the Muslims wanted to keep their religion and expand to the bigger world

2.3. religion was involved in the problem...that led to 9/11

2.4. What more did you want to know?

2.4.1. Why did Muslims believe that suicidal killing is justifiable?

2.4.2. Why do Muslims believe that Islam is superior than other religions?

2.4.3. Why don't they respect other religions?

2.4.4. What are the roles of women in suicidal killing?

3. What do you know about 9/11?

4. Loose Change

4.1. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

4.1.1. Training missions: practiced crashing planes into buildings New node

4.1.2. Important people were informed not to ride planes the day before the crash New node

4.1.3. Owner of the building sold it six weeks before the crash

4.1.4. The CIA visited Osama Binladen at a hospital and Oman

4.1.5. Pentagon was attacked but officials were safe--seemed like bombs were planned

4.1.6. Many instances in the past where sky scrapers were plane crashed or burned but did not collapse

4.1.7. Secondary explosion in tower 2: in different floors (7,8, 30)

4.1.8. Bombs installed in the buildings during the "terrorist" attack

4.1.9. Blocked the release tape of the firefighters

4.1.10. Remains of Ground Zero were shipped off except for Control Demolition

4.2. What more did you want to know?

4.2.1. Is this video a credible source? Who are those people in United States committing conspiracy?

4.2.2. If this was a conspiracy, was it really necessary?

5. The Man Who Knew

5.1. What do you know about 9/11?

5.1.1. Osama Bin Laden - the leader and the manipulator of the plan New node

5.1.2. World Trade Center was the aim

5.1.3. one that was flying towards the pentagon was shot down

5.1.4. temporary economic shock

5.1.5. prejudice towards Islamic population within the US

5.1.6. a lot of people died

5.1.7. post-traumatic panic

5.1.8. more restrictive regulations at airports

5.1.9. two planes involved

5.2. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

5.2.1. Agent O'Neill's style confronts head-on some unwritten rules of the road in the FBI's culture and bureaucracy

5.2.2. mid 1990's - O'Neill suspected Bin Laden and his money, yet the majority's reaction within the organization thought he was simply a rich extremist. O'Neill argued that money had the purpose, yet failed to impress the org.

5.2.3. O'Neill' style - pushed too hard. too intense no one supported. even his colleagues said they simply "did not care".

5.2.4. O'Neill - flamboyant strong connection - knew everybody all over the world connections to embassies and foreign intelligence agency apparent jealousy towards him

5.2.5. Headquarter's attitude would find reasons why you can't conduct such investigations began to dig into John's personal life had children outside his marriage adultery doesn't officially go against the FBI's codes but those in the higher office said he was unfit for the position

5.2.6. certain evidence such as tapes of Al Qaeda's training however, still failed to convince the FBI that the danger was imminent didn't get too much attention. no fund no support

5.2.7. O'Neill tried to prove that Al Qaeda has penetrated the US found a tape of bomb making, a map of operation that circled LA airport

5.2.8. it takes the 1999 millennium bombing plot to finally convince the FBI that O'Neill is right--Al Qaeda has operatives in America the bombing plot was prevented only because the crucial arrest was proceeded by John O'Neill

5.2.9. summer 2001: Alarm Bells US intelligence issues many high alerts about possible terrorist attacks But O'Neill (more than ever) was marginalized within the FBI O'Neill did not receive important notes relationship with high officers in FBI obstructed his way and capacity

5.2.10. briefcase incident ended John's carrier. NYT questioned his ability and asked for responsibility. ended 25 year-carrier

5.2.11. 9/11 and After: John O'Neill was inside the building

5.3. What more did you want to know?

5.3.1. the video only focused on FBI, so we would like to learn more about the Al Qaeda's side if possible

5.3.2. Why was he inside the building?

5.3.3. did those in the higher office get any punishment?

5.3.4. What measures will FBI take in order to prevent such tragedy?

5.3.5. New node