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EDUC7102 Making your teaching more effective through technology by Mind Map: EDUC7102 Making your teaching
more effective through technology
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EDUC7102 Making your teaching more effective through technology

Session 1


Advantages, No Distance, No printing cost, efficient, anytime, easy to manage online

Learning with Technology, Web-as-a-platform, reach by internet, store online

Session 2

Using technology to support teaching

Classroom Management Tool:

Administrative Tool:, e.g. Gradebook

Harvesting for useful material from the Internet

Audio Tool:

Image Tool:

Video Tool:


Session 3

Student-centered learning

WebQuest, e.g. from CUHK

ActiveLessons, Easy life through technology

Session 4

Digital Media Projects in Classroom: Digital Storytelling

Classroom Management, Junglebyte Teach

Digital Tools, Google Earth, Interactive Narratives, Slideshare

Constructing our Digital Story, By procedure: 1) Select Topic 2) Conduct Research 3) Design Storyboards 4) Collect Material 5) Develop Story 6) Export Video 7) Deliver Story, Powerful Digital Story Software: Microsoft Photo Story 3, Or Using Moviemaker: Microsoft Moviemaker

Session 5

Multimedia Resources

Using visual help to enhance the motivation of learning

Visual Language consists Words, Images and Shapes.

Interactive activities, e.g.

Projects by Scratch

Project sharing via internet

Involved logic programming instead of computer language.

Session 6

Social Networking Literacy

Responsible and behave by using internet

Internet Safety, DO NOT tell anybody about your personal information


Use Mobile Device to learn individually or in-group, Multimedia Access Tool, e.g. WM applications, iPhone Apps, Java, PDF, Flash, Audacity, Connectivity Tool, e.g. bluetooth expansion, wireless network, SMS, Skype, etc, Capture Tool, e.g. GPS, built-in camera, recording audio and video (e.g. Gcast), Representation Tool, e.g. sketching diagrams, drawing mind maps (mindmeister!),, Analytical Tool, e.g. Excel, calculator