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Making your teaching more effective through technology by Mind Map: Making your teaching more effective through technology
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Making your teaching more effective through technology

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

IT technologies and proliferation of mobile devices have opened up new ways of teaching for educators. However, it's important for students to understand the underlying threats and dangers in using the Internet.

3) Student Centered Lessons with Technology

What is it?



1) Key concepts and issues


New Literacies

2) Using Technology to support teaching.

Teaching Aids

Teaching support


Google is growing to aid teachers with innovative teaching strategies

Google is not the only useful application to search for information

Copyright Issues: These websites are for useful clarifying copyright issues.

Reflection- Mindmeister is a very useful application for making interactive and live mind maps. It is great for collaborative work even when all members are not together in different places.

4) Digital Storytelling and other Projects in the Classroom

What is it?

Creating digital stories

Our Photostory example


5) Visuals in the classroom

Forms of visuals Source:

Student made visual interacttive elements

6) Social Networking Literacy, M-learning and About your individual Assignment

Social networking literacy

Mobile phones and M-learning

About individual assignment