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Rocks and Soil by Mind Map: Rocks and Soil
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Rocks and Soil

Using pumice rock, make a pumice necklace.



Magic School Bus Inside the Earth by Joanna Cole How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World by Faith McNulty


You'll need a balanceing scale and soil.  

Using a balancing scale, place small objects on one side of the scale. Using a tablespoon measure, have students scoop up sand and count how many spoonfuls are equal to the weight of a small object. Record answers on chart paper. Repeat activity with soil and loam.

Use insect manipulatives to solve math problems.

Graph rock types after children have collected rocks from outside.


Investigate rocks: look at videos on united streaming about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

Videos on United Streaming (see notes)

Learn characteristics of rocks (luster, texture, etc.)

Explore different types of soil; sand, clay, loam.

Weathering Rocks using a hammer and brown paper bag (teacher uses hammer only!)

Build volcanoes

Discover mountains, valleys, and caves.

Pet Rock Experiement discovering a rocks hardness, length, weight, acid, etc.

Peanut Butter Pressure

Using 26 slices of dark colored bread, 26 slices of wheat bread, 26 slices white bread, 1 container of peanut butter.  Remove crust from bread.  This is to show the three layers of the earth (crust, mantle, core).  Than you can manipulate bread to make valleys, mountains, and show how earthquakes occur. 

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Social Studies

Discuss what a dormant and active volcano is. Using a globe, or blow up map of the U.S., chart where dormant and active volcanoes are.

The Grand Canyon: show pictures, discuss sedimentary rock and count the layers of sedimentary rock in the Grand Canyon. Talk about the Grand Canyon and it's location (AZ!!)

Research what we use rocks for and why they are important.

Creative Arts

Use chalk (limestone) to create art outside!!

Rock Art (alot like marble art). Put rocks in a box under paper, add paint, and roll the rocks around.

Movement and Music

Soil Song

Soil hleps us every day, every day, every day, Soil helps us every day, To work, and rest, and play! Soil has special needs, special needs, special needs. Soil has special needs, water, air, and food!

Soil Chant

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