Cheryl Ball

Project for Sondra Perl's graduate class at the CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 2014, by Hilarie Ashton and Erin M. Andersen.

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Cheryl Ball by Mind Map: Cheryl Ball

1. Collaboration

1.1. "From 'They Call me Doctor?!' to Tenure"

1.2. RAW (Reading and Writing) New Media

1.3. The New Work of Composing

1.4. collaborative editorship of Kairos

1.5. Writer/Designer: A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects

1.6. grants

1.6.1. several NEH grants, including as PI

1.6.2. "unfunded grants: Please ask for details"

2. Teaching/Mentoring

2.1. Multimodal Composition classes

2.2. "Editorial Pedagogy"

3. Professionalization

3.1. Contributor, IHE's "Get a Job!" column

3.2. disciplinary relations between comp/rhet, c&c, and dh

3.2.1. (also, see her comments here...)

3.3. interweaves with her research and her teaching

3.4. Designs

4. Academic website

5. Twitter

6. Background Info

6.1. PhD in Rhetoric & Technical Communication, Michigan Technological University

6.2. Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies, West Virginia University (July 2014)

6.2.1. on leave from Illinois State University

6.2.2. currently finishing Fulbright (2013-2014) at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

6.3. editor, Kairos

6.4. major field(s) of study

6.5. ethos: "editorial pedagogy"

6.6. honors and awards

6.6.1. Technology Innovator “Troublemaker” Award. (2012). Presented by the Conference on College Composition and Communication Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication (7Cs).

6.6.2. Sigma Tau Delta Teaching/Mentoring Awards (Illinois State University)

6.6.3. board member, Digital Rhetoric Collaborative