Evaluation part 2: Representation.

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Evaluation part 2: Representation. by Mind Map: Evaluation part 2: Representation.

1. what social groups appear in the opening sequence?

1.1. For our main character we used a 20 year old male.

1.1.1. this conforms to stereotypes of men being the ones who are 'criminals' he is also older then his victims which shows that he is preying on those younger than him yet again conforming to stereotypes.

1.2. There was also 3 teenage girls and 3 teenage boys featured in the pictures of the victims

1.2.1. They are teenagers so they fall into conforming with stereotypes as they are being preyed on, however stereotypically they would all be girls and there is a mix of girls and boys which challenges stereotypes slightly.

2. what is the stereotypical representation of the groups?

2.1. Teenagers:

2.1.1. Seen to be loud and stereotypically annoying, rude and impolite. often seen as the victims of crimes and aren't seen as clever enough to commit a crime themselves. Teenagers

2.2. 20+

2.2.1. Usually seen to be sensible and ready to settle down, have jobs, be educated more normal to associate with crime but still not hugely likely too. aged 20+

3. how have you represented social groups?

3.1. unconventionally

3.1.1. The protagonist, criminal 'psychopath' is quite young for what you would expect a psychopath too be as well as his prey not being that much younger that the protagonist himself

3.2. Convenntionally

3.2.1. The teenagers antagonists are resented in the way of typicality teenagers although you do not see them very much they are presented as naive and vulnerable, the rest of the film would present that as they got captured and tortured.

4. How has this been represented through the film?

4.1. mise en scene

4.1.1. The costume for the protagonist looks like something you would expect a killer to be wearing, all black with a trench coat, this represents death and the psychotic-ness of his ways.

4.2. camera work

4.2.1. Low angle shots have been used to show his dominance when he is doing things on his desk and low angle shots are used to look at the pictures of the victims showing there vulnerability.

5. Why have you chose to represent them in an unconventional way?

5.1. it makes the opening sequence more interesting for the audience as it isn't like other films that all have exactly the same conventions it is different in a small way and this will engage the audience which is particularly important in an opening sequence.