PD day May 2nd

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PD day May 2nd by Mind Map: PD day May 2nd

1. Jacqueline Brett Ceramics Claire Cawte Ethical Felt and Fashion Suzanne Davis Animation Maddie Dutkowski Photography and Contemporary Crafts Nigel Bowles, Printmaking

2. Attended Seasac weekend this year at Tanglin, Attending PD at The Australian school on May the 17th-18th and PD at UWCSEA on 8th and 9th of May. Workshop on ipad art as well as conferring with Sian Johns each term concerning primary art incentives and ideas cross

2.1. Andrew these are reflections on last year not goals for this coming year look at others

3. Steve personal goals

3.1. 1 Improve our Learning Programme

3.1.1. Continue to work on the units and looking for learning from each other in the department

3.1.2. IBDP Programme

3.1.3. IGCSE Graphic Design course

3.1.4. IGCSE Fine Art course

3.2. 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning

3.2.1. Aim for and achieve the PLP philosophy

3.3. 3 iLearn communications and platforms

3.3.1. Todo - continue to implement and use more collaberatively

3.3.2. Tapforms continue to implement - see what Teamie

4. Hi Sarah, this area in particular needs some work for now get some thoughts down just to kick off ideas

5. 12:00 - 4:00

5.1. Head to town

5.1.1. Do gallery visits and do the sculpture trail at Marina Centre: A Salute to our Future

6. Departmental goals all contribute to these not necessarily mentioned in the school goals - what would be a really positive thing to focus on? (one or three things)

6.1. 1

6.1.1. Displays - getting a presence of art all all over the school - Steve How? Create a realistic calendar of displays Use a variety of methods - posters and real art all staff are committed, required personal goal Exhibitions College wide Art magazine LMG

6.2. 2

6.2.1. Todo - continue to use and improve Reduce list menu - put own work lists under each name - share this with everyone. Can then have other lists for own use. set task for Steve as practice

6.3. 3

6.3.1. Artist in Residency who should we get? SMn Niran- Thai artist recycled art project Singpore artists from Bienalle- make contact. connect to all levels SMn Opportunities to enrich the curriculum LMG AiR with a skillset we currently don't possess within the dept. visiting staff

6.4. 4

6.4.1. Drawing across the curriculum 5 mins per lesson (a suggestion)- quick start

6.5. 5 Licence for... (online test)

6.5.1. responsible use of ceramic room

6.5.2. design room

6.5.3. regular classroom

7. 9:30 - 10:15

7.1. MS Scope and Sequence skills and practices (uniform agreement on using equipment)

7.1.1. Attendees [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] might be on camp

7.1.2. Create list of practices all contibute 1 use clipboards and scrap paper palettes - Steve 2 Submitting work for assessment - following procedures and implications see link for an eg of using google - Steve 3 How to store work expectations regarding losing work - folders, draws, racks - combinations 4 Online licence tests for regular classes and ceramics room. Students to wash up own brushes to teach care and respect for materials Respect for classroom rules/ when in room unsupervised.

7.1.3. Create lists of skills all contruute 1 Structured drawing skills where do we start in grade 6 - Steve 2 Differnt mediums how they are different and add to artistic experience/qualities of the work 3 Analysing artworkLMG 4 how to paint, how to print, assemblage, 3d studies - touch on all these in some ways - perhaps one for each year or all in some limited way every year, photography 5 care for brushes and other equipment Create a list of IT software as a design/ planning tool as well as finished product Grade 5 may also want to tap into it

7.1.4. Knowledge Cultural Non- Western G4 and 5 Historic Renaissance 20th C art Post Modern Connection to other disiplines Careers Professional visitors Artist in res trips

8. 10:15 - 11:00

8.1. looking at and setting next years goals based on School Goals

8.1.1. Nick's email last year the MS allowed us to use the HS goals for the department - hoping for the same this year - with some added in MS ones as appropriate. Please all take the time to read and comments (all contribute comments) 1 2 3

8.1.2. Personal goals Lawrence personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning 3 iLearn communications and platforms Sarah personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning 3 iLearn communications and platforms Rebecca persoanl goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme: Going to initiate incorporating drawing into every lesson: This includes quick 5 minute warm ups to 20 minute instruction once a month to whole drawing projects. 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning:Working collaboratively with Sarah so far as possible. Team teaching grade levels with Sarah. Arrange a visiting artist. Collaboration with other subjects such as BTC and also working on a cross campus sustainable art project with Nicki Hambelton. (hmmm, this is more than 1 goal I guess) 3 iLearn communications and platforms: Speaking with Jeff Plaman about setting up online 'Driver's License' tests for responsible use of art rooms/ materials. Have to wait until September as Teamie not set up to support this until then. Use of apps to support drawing/ designing of sculptures/ composition etc. Andrew personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme Working with hamish to align the G2 abd G3 units to fit with his units set for G4-5. we are currently looking at national and international curriculums to decide how to broaden learning in anticipation of having aa smooth exchange throughout each grade year on year 2 Create a Culture of Professional Hamish and I are working towards new more refined classroom practice. We will look at PD opportunities to do this. I think a closer collaboration between us and our Ta's will improve the general feel of primary art. We also hope to have links with Sian and caroline at dover 3 iLearn communications and platforms I have done nothing in this area. hamish bets has suggested ipads a learning tool and we will be initiating this in the first term of the new term in August. Also in discussion with David Kaleb. There may be a chance of me having some role in grades K1 to G1 which may inform further any early IT remits that G2 and G3 may encounter Hamish personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning: Commit to collaborative meetings and discussions between Primary Art and Middle school 3 iLearn communications and platforms: Use of iPads to enhance student learning, collaboration, sharing of

8.2. Reflecting on this years goals - add your thought here

8.2.1. Lawrence Developing understanding of the requirements of the IGCSE course with Grade 10 - getting them on task and through to the exam successfully in a short period of time. Getting to grips with Drive, ToDo etc. Padlet & Pinterest a success with the students and colleagues beyond the dept (DLC's)

8.2.2. Sarah Trip to Paris- an excellent trip- some stressful times/ however I have a good idea of how to best run this trip for 2015. ExcursionsG7/G8- very beneficial for students. A lot of work on iPal and arranging chaperones. Will need more support for trips iin 2014/2015. Hours of time arranging. Personal Series of 5 paintings- 3 created so far- time restraints.

8.2.3. Rebecca Goal was to create a sustainable art project. Currently working on grade 7 endangered species project. Think it is going very well. Just have to make sure assessment of the project is inline with sustainability. i.e. how do we assess the success/ impact of the project? Another goal was to develop the ceramics program. PD classes in ceramics are teaching me new skills and giving me confidence in studio management.

8.2.4. Using Todo good Lawrence Sarah Rebecca bad Lawrence Sarah Rebecca

9. 11:00 - 12:00

9.1. Sarah

9.1.1. MS work and PS work on the skills and practices we want students to learn for implementation next year - scope and sequence grade 6 Drawing test grade 7 Drawing test grade 8 Create sheets, web pages, quizzes etc

9.2. Steve

9.2.1. HS review of new DP course Observaions 1 2 2 (add more)

10. 4:30 -

10.1. Social back at school

11. Arrows are links :-)

12. Growing student responisibilty - come back to at will

12.1. Student general behaviour Steve

12.1.1. Problem: noise, movement, too comfortable in staffroom, respect for teachers, respect for materials and the subject Solution? for a short while escort classes to the stairs asking them to do this quietly discuss with the - talk about the learning principals Let's get Principles on board with this.

12.2. Student appreciation Steve

12.2.1. Problem: students need to as part of their education learn to be appreciative of things that are done for them Solution? should be discussed - support each other in discussing this with the students of other teachers classes eg Steve discussion this with Lawrences igcse class We do not walk students to classrooms but there is some worthwhile ideas in his article comments

12.3. 1

12.3.1. Respect for materials and equipement Solution? Vigilence discussing with class as incidences present themselves include information and reflection in the curriculum Online 'Driver's Tests'

12.4. 2

12.4.1. Problem:

12.5. 3

12.5.1. Problem:

13. o