TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Like4Real

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Like4Real by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Like4Real

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2. About

2.1. ... this map

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2.2. ...the author

2.2.1. Dadara http://www.dadara.nl/

2.3. ...this talk

2.3.1. Themes Connectivity Art

2.3.2. Related talks

2.3.3. Reactions Dadara on stage! Love grey man! #tEDxAms pic.twitter.com/jdG4W5EGbJ Facebook has killed the thumbs up as symbol for the Like. #tedxams artist Dadara buries the Like in Peace http://ow.ly/qFDDu Like4Real. Great performance by Dutch artist Dadara @TEDxAms http://wp.me/p2tOA7-u6

2.3.4. Watch this talk on Youtube

3. I, Dadara, lived mostly in a dream bubble

3.1. allways connected that bubble to reality

3.2. inside

3.2.1. kep the curtains close

3.2.2. looked at reality from behind the curtains

3.3. Wondered: did other people also think about the world?

3.3.1. or do they only Like Dislike

4. Now: a Super connected world

4.1. But how connected are we really

4.2. are we:

4.2.1. here and now?

4.2.2. or so busy updating what happened a few instants ago ...

5. Long time ago, before Facebook existed

5.1. We're still able to imagine that time

5.2. but are we also still able to imagine a future without social media?

6. the project: Like4Real

6.1. we took people back in time

6.1.1. in the Nevada desert

6.1.2. at Burning Man festival

6.1.3. created a big altar with a big golden like on top

6.1.4. We guided them to a path of spiritual enlikement

6.2. we noticed

6.2.1. people don't really value a direct experience anymore

6.2.2. people seem to collect photos and likes from people they even don't really like

6.3. we asked people

6.3.1. to first experience the artwork step by step

6.3.2. before taking any pictures of the artwork

6.4. Reality still has more pixels and more HD than then screen of your iPhone

6.5. more about this project on http://www.dadara.nl/blog/Like-4-Real-burning-man

7. getting to the now...

7.1. in the end we burned the project down

7.2. it was the first time in a long time to be finally alone

7.3. made my thoughts come to a halt

7.3.1. there was no more dream bubble no more reality

7.3.2. everything had become one

8. recreate the feeling of being really connected in the here and the now with the TEDxAmsterdam crowd

8.1. take out your mobile phone

8.2. make sure it can take a photo

8.3. I'll make a photo of you taking a photo

8.4. now turn of your phone