Online Resililence

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Online Resililence by Mind Map: Online Resililence

1. Safeguarding children in a digital world

2. Key findings or focus Dr. Byron makes many recommendations to improve child safety including Reducing the availability of harmful material on the Internet.

2.1. The setting up of a UK Council for Internet safety bringing together interested parties, chaired by the Home Office reporting to the Prime Minister, with its aim to ensure that everyone is working together to help young people be safe online.

3. Kidsmart


4. Computers in schools: How we can help children to look after themselves

4.1. Protecting online identities

5. Safer Children in a Digital World - Summary for children and young people.

6. Classification of video/ computer games

7. The many recommendations for Schools include E-safety introduced across the whole curriculum with each school having an e-safety policy Schools to use Becta's self review to drive continual improvement in e-safety and use accredited internet filtering services Ofsted to report on schools' performance on e-safety and hold them to account Implementing e-safety in ‘Every Child Matters'.

8. Organising an information and education strategy by the Government and Industry to make parents and children aware of possible dangers and what to do.

9. Byron Review



11. New node