Mobile Technologies

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Mobile Technologies by Mind Map: Mobile Technologies

1. Mobile Technology in Education

2. What are mobile technologies?

2.1. Cameras

2.2. Mobile Phones

2.3. Ipods

2.4. Digital Watches

2.5. MP4 players

2.6. Laptops/Netbooks

2.7. Smartphones/PDA's

3. Mobile technologies and e-safety in school

4. M-Learning

4.1. A guide to M-Learning by the Learning skills and development agency

5. Risks in mobile technologies

5.1. Health risks with mobile phones

5.2. Security risks

5.2.1. ID theft

5.2.2. Taking precautions

5.2.3. Virus

6. Are mobile phones safe toys?

6.1. a newspaper article evaluating the health risks of using mobile phones

6.1.1. New node

7. Attitudes towards using mobile technologies? Is it too much?