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Tangible Environmental Improvement by Mind Map: Tangible Environmental Improvement
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Tangible Environmental Improvement

By "tangible environmental improvement" we mean changes that result in improved environmental conditions -- reduced emissions, less waste, etc

adoption of cleaner technologies

ability/willingness to consider technology options

receptiveness to new technology is essential, but not sufficient.  What factors contribute to that receptiveness?  If it's essential, it should be ahead of awareness

awareness of technology

is awareness 10% of the key to adoption?  20%? Most important for influencine adoption of  preventive innovations, requiring a "campaign" of information. 

Perceived Technology Attributes

Evertett Rogers writes that this is responsible for 50 to 75% of the decision to adopt  Should this be behind awareness of technology?

Full compliance with environnmental regulations

Is compliance a key factor?  Is it possible to have significant improvement WITHOUT being in compliance? Compliance should be the baseline, now, depending on your industry sector, compliance will translate into different requirements as some areas are only local, and others local, state, and even federal.

knowledge of regulations

commitment to compliance

effective management systems in place

adoption of sustainable business practices

The word green does not do justice to the systems under development