Tangible Environmental Improvement

A "strawman" mind map created to explore the potential for collaborative development of decision models. This map explores the contributing factors to measuring tangible environmental improvement and how these relate to program activities of technical assistance providers

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Tangible Environmental Improvement by Mind Map: Tangible Environmental Improvement

1. adoption of cleaner technologies

1.1. ability/willingness to consider technology options

1.1.1. Innovator is connected to peers reads widely Available capital Sector Opinion Leader tells about new technology Participates in trade associations, conferences

1.2. awareness of technology

1.2.1. Information campaign Solid technical information is created Applied research

1.3. Perceived Technology Attributes

1.3.1. Relative Advantage suitable business case Social prestige

1.3.2. Complexity

1.3.3. Trialability Re-invention

1.3.4. Observability

1.3.5. Compatability

2. Full compliance with environnmental regulations

2.1. knowledge of regulations

2.1.1. awareness of regulation

2.1.2. understanding of regulation consistent interpretations of regulations

2.2. commitment to compliance

2.2.1. sufficient resources to comply

2.2.2. policy supportive of full compliance

2.3. effective management systems in place

2.3.1. effective EMS in place

2.3.2. business information systems to support data collection

3. adoption of sustainable business practices